Give us freedom to select map, difficulty and special conditions

The present model is few steps back behind what Vermintide 2 offered. This is true for so many other systems, but I’m going to keep this focused.

Give us ability:

  • to select the map we would like to play
  • ability to set the difficulty on that map
  • set the special conditions (AKA Vermintide 2 deeds)
  • to set MINIMUM and MAXIMUM difficulty level the mission control map shows in the hub on Morningstar

Why is this so difficult to understand for your game designers we do not like the excessive amount of randomness and lack of control in your games? This has been brought up by the community for V1 and V2 alike, yet you go backwards with Darktide?

I suspect you think the present system allows random players to find games quicker, however the repetition of the maps, conditions and wrong difficulty levels offered to players lead to massive amount of repetition in a game which doesn’t have enough map / class variety to offer in the first place.


Bump for days.

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Maybe now, when influencers comment on this you will listen. RNG is going to be the death of your game Fatshark:

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I truly hope fatshark sees that video, Indy legit summed up the core complaints of the game, there is no respect for player agency in the current system, it’s garbage

No don’t change anything. We love RNG don’t you see? We hate agency! Pls don’t give us choice.

  • The preceding segement was brought to you by irony. Your best friend in service of cyniscism.
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