Remove rng from level select/obtaining items

Please add a proper level select and the ability to craft specific weapons
how have we taken so many steps backward from Vermintide 2?


I dont know … all this f2p/mmo/lootshooter mechanics … I really did not expect this.

It is kinda hilarious tbh
The core gameplay is the best coop expierience I had in months, but all the other systems are so frustrating its unbelieveable

Darktide is like a really hot person with a really shitty personality … when I m drunk its fine but something serious? No way :sweat_smile:


It’s like a burger with a really good burger patty but the bun is wet and falling apart, the sauce and fixings on the burger are spoiled, and the fries are mostly the fries that have been in the fryer all day. They got the hardest part down, it’s everything else that’s the problem.


The random level are a thing due to modifier changes and it´s actually good to keep things fresh and to stop spamming the shortest mission / prevent from permaleavers on longer missions as it was a permanent thing in Vermintide.

The only flaws are that sometimes not all difficulties avalaible or that it doesn´t match well with weeklies and their special mission conditions / tomes / grims. This needs to be better adressed especially to have atleast 2 missions with tomes / grims always available on malice / heresy, but that´s it.

Timed missions should stay as it is.

“Hey Darktide honey, I m in the mood for some spicy Damnation Assasination, how does that sound?” - Me

“Hell no, I can offer you an Uprising Raid but thats it. Ask me again in half an hour and I might up it to Heresy” - Darktide

Never had these problems in V2. At least not that I remember.

But its interesting how you see the game.
For me its a shooter like left4dead.

Basically the root of the genre is a LAN coop shooter with freedom of choice.

Your argument is kinda valid if you look at the game from a “mmo” angle? Or at least a game type where playing with lots of people online is the core.

But in my opinion a 4 player coop game has not the tools to adress the problems you mentioned at least not how Darktide does it.

Dunno when you started to play, but especially in the earlies it was very common that players only started Screaming Bell due to its short nature. On top there have been maps like Athel Yenlui or Skittergate called out to be “hardcore to play”.
So in summary… if you didn´t want to play Screaming Bell like 9/10 times, you had to open your own lobby and the odds where high that players jumped in / out permanently. I´ve had enough poeple jumping into the death at skittergate beginning to sabotage your run aswell right before leaving.

The maps here feel way better and next to the vault map, the most seem to be pretty even in time-investment. But this might change in the future aswell with bigger bossfights etc… (Atleast i hope we get some.)

I get your and others point so… but i do believe that permanent levels and private lobbies did a lot bad to Vermintide if we talk about a “coop-genre”.
EDIT: Also those static grims / tomes forced pre-defined routes. We can have way bigger maps yet with more ways… maybe “RNG defined ways changing in the mission due to player-decisions or events?”

Atleast FS should give us more variety in modifiers at any time. Not just one modifier for 3 hours on 6 missions, then the same with the next one.

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Oh that sounds horrible. It started VT2 very late than i guess.

Yeah as you describe it it makes sense. I think we just play the game in different ways.

A: (yours) Playing with randoms is the norm, playing with friends is the exception.

B: (mine) Playing with friends is the norm, playing with randoms is the exception.

I guess designing the same game for A and B leads to two different games in the end.

My personal oppinion is, when I look at 4 player coop games and their history, option A seems just to be a bad decision. Gatekeeping content to improve the player interaction with randoms in a game where you seldomly interact with randoms feels bad.

But thats how I play the game and I get that other people have a different play style.

Cool. Then make the Maps and Special Conditions rotate but let the Players choose the Difficulty.
Like in DRG for example.