Missed opportunity (Clans)


To see that this game has a social hub really warms my heart. It is something that’s missing in a lot of games nowadays but i wonder why is there no clan/guild/cabal (you name it) creation feature ingame? Not everyone uses discord!

It would boost the social aspect of the game by far and i find it a missed opportunity. Even Warhammer Martyr had a Cabal creation even though the game wasn’t very multiplayer supportive and here you have a Multiplayer game without it. Makes you scratch your head!


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Your suggestion has been added to the Mourningstar Memorial under “the Mourningstar Gangs”!

The Mourningstar Memorial is just a thread where I compile any and all suggested improvements to the social hub!


Thanks for the help! Im new here so i didn’t know that there is a suggestion pile, i hope i didn’t post at the wrong place


Oh, absolutely not! I only hope to compile the threads and comments behind all of the different suggestions in one place!

You’re free to come check it out and interact with other like-minded Darktide players if you’d like!


While I can’t say it’s something I miss, I can see the value in it and would likely have used something like that with various scattered friends who use and don’t use Discord. And welcome to the place, just don’t be tracking Nurglings in here on your boots!


I personally hate the lobby and think it’s very antisocial compared to VT2. In VT2 when you played with people you would actually load into their keep after and most commonly people would stay and talk about what they wanna do next. Sometimes they’d be like “you guys are fun, let’s do a chaos wastes” etc and you get to know eachother and end up joining eachothers games from the lobby browser (which Darktide also doesn’t have)

The lobby is really just there so you see other players more. I don’t care about seeing them, I want to interact. Clans are one way of interaction but I personally don’t see why anybody would do it. Gamers are antisocial by default, you gotta force it via game design.


I made a pretty long post awhile ago about some fun things you could do with a clan systen:

However even just getting a 4 letter clan tag, and maybe a social screen for it would be nice.


it really should be added


Yeah it would be a good addition
Also without profanity filter when nameing clans, I wan’t that oldschool vibe

Never used to be. Remember playing CS 1.6, back in the day, the on screen map was a green circle with dots to represent your team mate. So every map was full of people talking, communicating and spotting the enemy. Now, CS2 is quiet, no one talks anymore, no one talks anymore in games and those that do are generally $%£^&*

And I think it is the likes of Team Speak and Discord that are big part of the problem.


But they are so cute!

I would love the ability to have clans. Then I could be the only person in my own wee clan called “The Great Insanity”.

That game was server browser only if you remember which is part of what made the experience very social. It’s case in point exactly what I was talking about. There being no matchmaking forced people to consciously pick which server they go on, and when they consciously pick which server to go on it’s very easy to socialize and engage with that community. You come across regulars and people who troll and you start talking ot them and having fun with them.
CS2? Click ranked, queue, never think about any other person. They’re all replacable faceless NPCs and you never talk to anyone.

It’s why in WC3 dota you had people chat and hang out in lobbies for fun, but in Dota 2 nobody ever talks unless it’s to tell someone else to put a rope around his neck. Random matchmaking destroys social engagement.

This is a false claim. There may be anti social people which are playing games but playing a multiplayer game itself is a social interaction, with communication or not. Some people may just use others as a necessity to reach their goals, others want the social interaction to reach a goal together or just have fun together.

Playing games is a social activity itself. Be it playing cards, board games, online games, lan games - you name it and games used to be a lot more social 2 decades ago. That’s why most people who played MMORPG’s from that era are (like Everquest or World of Warcraft as an example) missing the feeling.

Introducing a Clan system wouldn’t force anyone in to socializing, it would just add another feature in to the game. Darktide itself is a pure Online coop game which can only be played alone with bots with a mod as far as i understand.

The things you are talking about in the VT2 keep, you can do also here in the Darktide Hub, but everyone has to agree on merging a Fireteam after the mission. It’s just not your own personalized surrounding.


I still think this is a major problem towards becoming connected with a random group. I think it should be the opposite of what it is currently: you should have to opt out of forming a strike team with the people you just played with.

The current way of forming strike teams is active, so it won’t happen much. If it was passive, and automatically did it, it would happen more.

It’s still a downgrade from the 4 player hubs DRG and VT 2 have imo but it would be a little better.

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And have you seen someone do it, ever? I haven’t in many hundred hours. It’s because it’s easier to just leave and queue next. Meanwhile in VT2 it dumps you into the hosts keep without asking and your most reasonable next action is staying with them if you liked the lobby, and maybe suggesting what to do next. Instant social interaction, and you get to know the people without a particular effort from anyones side. I guarantee you if you added clans to Darktide as is, it would be a completely underused feature that barely anyone sees the point of.

I guess saying gamers are antisocial by default is wrong, the better way to put it would be that gamers generally don’t put the effort in unless the game design makes it a matter of course.

It is the game design that forces people into certain behaviors. Even if it’s an online game, people tend to treat others like replacable NPCs if the game design is set up that way. It also has big implications for toxicity issues etc.

Another good example of this is World of Warcraft. In Vanilla you had to find people to run stuff with and it’s generally pretty social, even for quests you group up and make friends. When I played classic in 2019 or whenever it was, I made a couple new friends I still talk to literally just from doing random quests. I only did that because I couldn’t do the quests alone. Meanwhile when I last played retail WoW (it was BfA, I was giving it a shot around the same time so no it’s not that “times changed”) which got rid of all the group content outside of stuff with a random party finder. I genuinely levelled from 1 to 120 or whatever the cap was and did not talk to a single person the entire way through, not even when raiding. Not a single person. Because I never had to, it never happened

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it’s definitely not the best solution right now but it is as it is, i like that there is a hub but @Kambrin you are right - when i had a really nice run with random people and i would like to continue it never was a 4/4 vote to merge the fireteam - 2/4 was the maximum so far and one thing is also you never know who went afk during the rewards screen or had a very long loading screen issue!


that’s actually a really good suggestion imo :+1:


That would probably be better. Im not even sure many people know about the opt in or maybe they tentatively wait for someone else to opt in, not wanting to seem… needy?


To think when we stumbled upon funny or likeminded players in a lobby we could all join a clan/group and aspire to greatness, especially considering the fragile nature of players found in Pubs.

Penances for clans/guilds would be a joy. Weeklies,tasks,leaderboard. Who needs a scoreboard when you can have a leaderboard!

@Captain.G Love and Peace!


Glad you liked it!

Also I know you’re a bit new to the forums, but if you quote someone it automatically tags them, so you don’t have to @ them as well.

Still something I would want is a pre lobby waiting room in the hangar, without a time limit, where you can change your class(or accounts as I guess FS calls them) and talk to people about strategies you can do, or if someone is trying to complete a specific penance they can let you know.

However my other suggestion is a lot more feasible and probable for FS to implement lol.