Expanding upon the tutorials to show the players about sticking together as a team

hi there,

thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and experience with playing through the beta of Darktide.
for the most part it has been a great experience apart from a few lil hitches with graphics (not overly too bothered by this) unfortunately it has come to the part where i have a few concerns about the players who are newly joined to the warhammer community, where these players are caught wandering off from the groups (we all gotta learn somewhere but that only goes so far after playing past lvl 10) then the typical scenerio plays out they get downed n die before getting revived (which we all can agree is fairly annoying)

this is my thoughts in a way to kinda combat this issue, in the tutorial levels at the start of the game is to emphasize the importance of stucking together as a team to gain convergence, and give them a chance to try alone which will enforce this useful game tip / strategy

many thanks :slight_smile: