A positive note

I just want a disclaimer to say I’m not trying to ignore issues people have, or say anything honestly about issues with the game. I simply want to state I enjoy this game and some of the new things we got. First off, the core gameplay is always fun, some of my favorite. Played the new mission for the first time last night and it was great, might even be a new favorite. Have yet to find the chaospawn (3 plagues and 2 beast so far). I also like more cosmetics which surprised me. Bought some white pants simply because I could and put on my cape then went purging heretics (quite literally as a purge main) But yeah, if anyone else has some neat or just happy goober stuff they wanna share, please do.


I think everyone agrees the gameplay is top notch. Darktide is such a weird game because it has sooooo much good stuff in it. It is the best 40k video game representation of all time. It’s really frustrating though because for all the things they got right, which is really and truly quite a bit, the things they got wrong they REALLY got wrong therefore it makes the whole experience frustrating instead of fun, because you know how good the game should be but isnt


Yeah, I have a lot of questions.
Number one: How dare you?


Funny, I though of doing a thread about this on my own, while there are still problem to tend to, I mostly like the state of the game when I’m in it. The new map is beautifull and I love the scripter. My only regret is the lake of new thing to do in it but I think the next map will change this.

I’m currently scrapping ordos to get a full camo equipment for my sharshooter, I love the feeling of mass added to the recolors with the desert pattern.

I’m also glad for the new free backpack. And the cosmetic penance have kept me entertained for a while and drive me to try new gameplay aiming at completing them as efficiently as possible.


I completely agree. Honestly had to set the game aside for a second before I could enjoy it again. Kinda just said to myself I’ll enjoy what I get and am going from there. It helps a lot I have a full squad (or mostly) when I play so some of the random irritations are gone. But I would love to see the potential realized.

That’s kind of this for me too, I’m trying to accept that the system is botched and just be happy with what I get except for a few blessing that I grind for. It’s still not that satisfying but at least the game balance is good enougth to make most weapons work.

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If by new you mean about 600 hours in then sure. But I get it, I was just saying I enjoy it. At this point my friends and I don’t do anything lower than standard damnation, but I would love mission select, or just simply more hi int shock. But there were enough threads talking about that so I didn’t feel the need to add it to this one.

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Yeah I think it’s better to just simply ignore negativity in this thread^^

I would like for the quickplay option to be the default option like in Vtide, with an ordo bonus for doing so for example. Always choosing the mission can lead to a faster feeling of repeatition as people tend to do their favorite map on repeat.

Plus a bigger quickplay pool could help with the map rotation system by allowing group full of quickplay players to get into any map in the game with a random modificator on them insteadt of the designated handfull.

You could also use this to ass a “relaunch” button in the end screen so a group could decid to stick together and chain the mission without going back to the hub

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520 hours here, yeah its got issues but damn I enjoy fatsharks games, it’s not even sunk cost falicy. It’s an addiction to the high I get when the team somehow pulls out of bad scenareos and we win against an AI director more likely to work against us than with.

it feels good to play, and it feels nice to win against bad odds. Plus the setting is fun as well.

It’s why I came to the forum, wanted to help it grow if I could.


I’ve gotten him a few times; he’s a lot of more squirrely than his VT2 cousin but fun nonetheless. He does still stuff people in his second cornhole, so you gotta watch out for that :smiley: .


something else, I love some of the weapon animations, like how the caracter play with his knif when drawing it or how if you reload the pistol before emptying the barrel you use your thumb to blok the remaining bullets before droping the shells

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Found him last night, was with a good team and he came at a good time so I didn’t get to see too much of the moveset. But I like having a quick more aggressive boss. He can probably do some work in a hoard. Might see on the new mission tonight.

I dont think there is mutch wrong, ya know if you consider that ppl are working hard to get anything out for this game, and that the Fat shark fan base tends to be extremely dramatic and hyperbolic, ya know its the same as it was for VT they just want to project or cope like thay did back then.
thanks for being postive.


and- i want to substantiate what i said about them being over dramatic as ppl complain about the wrong stuff from what I see. I see a post or a vidio about “the grind” calling a currency you get from playing matches and only playing matches. dont play a MMO or… a shooter with a battle pass or… point is, god I wish a “grind” meant you were playing the game poper. no a grind is ruining daily low effort quest for 3 months to get a loot box that might drop the darn thing, no point are you REALY playing the game and you are caped on progress.

naw there are issues like, why are some wepons still usless? thats jsut a 30 min change to the code and a test. make the revolver do more damage then a bolt gun, make both of them do more damage then a kantral, no dont nerf the god damn kantral… EX


Yeah, 500h in myself and still love it. I do appreciate the frustrations people have with some of the systems (and the lingering bugs), but there is a huge amount to like about it. It’s without a doubt my favourite game in the genre. Far from perfect but generally heading in the right direction albeit slowly!


It is getting better with each content drop (not like they’re implementing it often).

Wish we could already get a new class to fill that 5th character slot.


Yeah, agreed, game is a whole load of fun even after 900+ hours into it. I will be taking a break soon because of that other title with demons in it that just went live, but I’ll manage to juggle between both of them, slaying forces of evil one way or the other :slight_smile:


700h here, but even though I agree with most feedback given about the game, as someone coming from Vm2 with more than 1k hours, I got say I enjoy the game a lot. I already got my builds the way I want, and a lot of MODS installed to compensate the QoL state of the game, which gave me just enough to keep playing it.

What hurts the most is seeing the huge potential the game has wasted like that by silly and incomprehensible mistakes FS did. This game could have been close to perfect if done right, as far as horde games go.

That being said, I do think that with time things will get better (more content, new weapons and eventually, new class etc), even though I’ve no hope at all for fixes like #breakthelocks and a new mission board (man I want that so bad!).
Honestly? A bad crafting system, that is the main issue for most people, is not enough to make me leave the game. Once you figured out the best blessings/builds for each class (which you can do by asking around good players, watching closely the scoreboard, searching forums/videos etc, you don’t have to test everything yourself, I did the same in VM2), you don’t have to dance around and waste time experimenting much. I know it would be cool to do that, but let’s face it, we have to work around the system here. So when you get around that, the rest of the stuff are just annoying things that you can deal with with Mods (except the mission board, I think?).

Anyway, all that to say, I’m disappointed with the state of the game, but I got enough from it to make me stick around, at least for a while longer.

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150 Hours here, I do feel like most of you guys with over twice my hours either have sunk cost fallacy or are hung up on what the game can be rather than what it is.

Not trying to be insulting in any way, it’s just hard to imagine how someone with 6 times my amount of playtime didn’t hit burnout yet with the fairly limited and gated amount of content in the game.

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I’ve just got some good friends that like killing heretics together. :wink:

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