Mention of memory leak in console logs

I was checking console logs for a crash I’m getting quite often, suspecting a mod to be the culprit, but then I see this in the end bit of many console log files. So this is what is making the game a slideshow after x hours of playing ?

16:45:00.716 error: [Shaders] Memory leaks in Shader Manager! 1199 shaders were not released.


I have queried this with development in the past, and can confirm it’s nothing of concern. Most players will see this in their logs and would not explain poor performance.

Interesting. Many people, especially streamers who play for a long time each session, complain of severely degrading performance over time, which is resolved by restarting the game.

I can’t rule out a potential leak - that’s down to our Engine Developers to identify, but it would be unrelated to the logging you’ve seen. :slight_smile:

Aye, I reckon if the game detected the memory leak and logged it, it also dealt with it. The real issue is when the game doesn’t detect the memory leak.

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