Memory Leak Issue?

Anyone else experience this with the Beta? I had the game crash once due to this and after finishing one game in a session I found that the resources being used were very high and getting higher as time progressed.


Same here.
The game engine needs some more optimization and bug fixes.

I’ve had a few crashes due to memory Issues and generally the UI causes memory Issues. If I Inspect weapons or load weapons In the shop (the Initial shop menu Is fine until you press the button to load weapons) my memory reaches 95-99%. I have 16GB of memory which can be on the lower end nowadays but I have never had a game max out my memory before.

Good to know that this isn’t just me. This only confirms the need to wait for the game to release and check out reviews to see whether or not the performance issues are still prevalent + see how it compares to VT2 release content and the price they are asking for.

I’ll see about tweaking some of the UI setting and hopefully that will help a bit with the Beta which I suppose is a tentative way to indicate what the release may eventually look like.

Same here and honestly I find it quite bizarre, almost every single game I have tested, whether alpha, closed beta, open beta etc had memory leaks. I have been in so many test through out the years and it is always there every time; the game suffers from a memory leak

Tweaked a few settings and haven’t had the issue again. The game definitely takes up a ton of resources though.

i have same problem my ram reach 98-99% then crash right away most of time. never had this problem before there was just like new world first release with ton of bug and VRAM leak.

I find that quitting the game invariably leads to a sudden massive spike in memory usage; it immediately jumps to 99% and stays there until I force close the program. At this point I’m just closing the game with task manager rather than via the “quit game” button lol