Possible Memory Leak?

Left my game running overnight because I made an oopsie. Came back to my PC in the morning and had an error message saying “Ran out of memory. Game closed”. Something to that effect. I’ve also noticed the game get progressively more “stuttery” the longer you play. I go from roughly 130fps and spike down to 20 then back up all in about .5 seconds.

I’m currently running a Nvidia GTX 1080TI, i7 7700K at 4.2ghz, 32g DDR4 ram and it’s on a Samsung SSD.


This has happened to me too. Didn’t leave the game overnight, but did leave it on for a long time. Got exactly the same error message.

Same thing

Never ran out of memory completely, nor gotten that error message, but I have noticed sluggish framerates after playing for 6-8 hours (lost track) without rebooting/crashing. (which is unusual. game usually crashes well before that)

Tried a reboot of the game. instant performance increase.

This was, however, a few patches back.

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Mine was current patch.

Yea sorry I was also talking about the current patch.

Noticed the performance drop after a long session (usually by the end of the afternoon I have to restart my game cause it start to hurt my eyes)
Never let it run long enough to get out of memory tho, but yeah, after 8-10 games without crash, even crafting looks buggy as hell and takes ages to reroll a stat x)

Yes, for me the same. After this has been happening constantly. Very bad stuttering after couple of hours playing, also noticed even If I have everything set to lowest, game still starts stuttering after some time, but I found it needed more time before it did so. As if unneeded textures from previous levels don’t get cleaned from cache after you load another one, and textures just keep on adding in the memory, until full. I have not seen a game that uses more VRAM than graphics card has.

GPU Memory in GPU-Z shows 4.110Gb used out of 4Gb when I have to close the game due to bad performance. CPU does not go above 50% utilization on all cores in task manager.

Had a lot of frustration with stutters in the past couple of weeks, because it is impacting critical hit rate and physics of weapons, which is impacting your damage output and vastly influencing your skill.

Had vastly better performance before in terms of overall feel in the mouse.

Never had stutters on high setting before, which I have now on med-low setting, even though my frame rate improved a bit on the same settings. Simply put. All settings to low and sun shadows off gets me around 200fps, but it feels like 20 or 25 at times. FPS counter does not ever drop under 60 (on empire of flames with fog and max horde) while I am recording with ReLive. Despite the frame rate shown, you can literally see pause between frames. For experiment after a restart, I’ve capped the game to 30 and 30 fps still felt smoother than stuttery 90 or 120.


Budds you have a solid setup. I would not say that I have the optimal processor for this task, it is lacking fancy new instruction sets, but this 8 year old baby still pulls more than 1000 points in Cinebench.

980X @ 4.2Ghz ; running 10 threads for game. Tried also 4.4Ghz, makes no difference.
R9 290X OC 1100/1420
12Gb RAM

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I feel the same same way about pre and post patch. Didn’t have any stutter that I can remember pre-1.0.8, and now it’s pretty atrocious after about 2 hours of playing. Accidentally leaving the game running over night kind of just cemented the idea of a memory leak existing in the game for me. Thought I COULD still be wrong. I just can’t think of another reason this would happen as this is the only game that’s done it thus far to me.

Yesterday I noticed my FPS counter drop from 130-140 to roughly 12 for a second then back up. The longer you play the more frequent these drops become until they happen about every 5 or so seconds. Pretty rough.

Indeed. I have been telling this in another topic as well. I too have random fps drops - > for example in Dreisdunkel mine, where there is nothing else to render than rocks, 200+ fps uncapped, then I get a lag spike, fps drops from 90 (my cap) to 52, game starts stuttering immensely, like I had dropped to 15 or 20 fps, then it climbs back up slowly, but smooth feeling is gone, despite high fps,

I always get a spike when someone connects, on rare occasions, I get a spike and stuttering with the connected person. Like a player was connecting from far away, other people got ‘‘lag’’ with him and I could feel this too as a host. I lack expertise to properly describe this phenomena, but still.

On third occasions, when connected to some players, I get a slightly different feeling - warps during heavy action. Game runs good untill we have a horde, then everyone starts warping around, enemies start running through the air warping back and forth. This has happened only in two or three occasions in the last month, before it was more frequent.