Melk's shop needs an inventory increase if new weapons keep getting added, and unique weapons need to see an increase of popping up

Every night I hop on and look around, and it’s the same stuff. Autogun, autogun, autogun. Now it’s even more saturated with new weapons, yet the pool size is the same. We should be able to check an option for melee or ranged weapons for an increase of seeing them respectively.

I hardly ever see the unique weapons for each class too, besides Ogryn. 500 hours and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen a Thunder Hammer, Dagger or Plasma gun/Bolter. I wish I were joking.

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This frustrates me every day, no matter which character I log in with, melks inventory is completely made up of autoguns & axes.
Whoever likes those weapon types must be in heaven, can’t remember if I’ve ever seen a single eviscerator in all my time playing zealot.

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They won’t change it thought because they want you to be addicted.

Fatshark knew they were going live service but did absolutely no design work on the issue of “Oh dang, our systems are going to become bloated further and further and exacerbate the problems we intentionally designed into the game more than we’d originally meant for them to”

Another live servive game built from the chopped up pieces of the game it could have been, which absolutely was designed as a “Just release it now” client by a sneaky, lying developer. It’s Halo Infinite 2.

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That’s my Psyker too! Autoguns and axes lol. I’d be so happy if half the weapons in a shop were class-specific and half of them not.

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Does not even need to be half imo.

But it would be nice to always have one class specific ranged and one class specific melee option.
Or any two-three class specific weapons (since the unique melee/ranged weapons are not the same ratio per class).

Then again, learned blessings are shared across all characters, so maybe it would be absolutely fine to have a 50:50 split for class exclusives and commons.
Especially for psykers, this would help, since force swords have the most available blessings of all weapons (at least we have three of them now, so i guess the chance for any force sword to show up, has increased).

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