Please Fatshark no more weapon variants of existing weapons

One gameplay related worry i have, is that Fatshark will take the easy road when it comes to content and just swamp the game with weapon variants for the weapons that have only one. Meaning just like the autoguns, lasguns, combat axes and tactical axes they will add multiples variants of existing weapons with slightly tweaked stats.

So please Fatshark dont just add more variants of the revolver or the combat knife, skins already do the work of keeping them fresh and we DONT need more clutter at the store. I am already annoyed about the slightly different variants of the lasguns and autoguns cluttering stores and inventories. Having 3 different Kentrael Lasguns with slightly different damage and fire rate adds nothing to the game since its already MASSIVELY RNG dependent anyway. Same with 3 “varaints” of Combat Axe and Tactical Axe.

Dont make the same mistake with the weapons that are unique now. I know its easier to tweak stats and present them as a “new weapon” but id rather wait longer and get actually unique weapons than more variants clutter. And the setting of 40k is more than rich enough to provide that.


Variety is the spice of life


The only problem with multiple variants is the RNG store. If there were more opportunities to get new weapons, multiple variants isn’t really an issue.

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I dunno, a lot of people want a Thunder Hammer with Bardin’s Cog Hammer moveset. I think they’d greatly appreciate a mark of it that does that…

That said, the whole customization system clearly got flipped on it’s head at some point mid-development (if what was promised is anything to go by) and resulted in the rushed system of variants we have today.


I actually want them to combine most of the las guns and give them alt fires that are just burst fire, semi or full auto with different damage and ammo consumption.


What if variants were tied to crafting? The shop would present a base version of a weapon and you could change its feel with weapon crafting via different variants.


I’d also welcome Warrior Priest 2h hammer moveset. Also eviserator with kruber’s executioner sword moveset…


It’s not the problem with weapon variants, but the way to obtain them.
I’m totally fine with weapon variants, as long as there is a way to lock on guarantee acquisition.
Also I don’t know if we ever to get “weapon customization”, like different zoom scopes, bullet types and many modifications.

By having weapon variants may be the only way, due to Fatshark isn’t capable of creat what we should have experineced when play in 40k universe game.

It’s sad, but the fact shows they never done it and the possibility to expecting them doing such drastic change on current system is just unlikely to happen even in future.


Where are those images from? Those look really cool.

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I will give the melee variants one thing, the different variants have different attack animations including heavies, however they are mostly reskins.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

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While variety is nice, they could make mks interchangable on each weapon and also be unlocked by leveling up the weapon class or something, would lighten store clutter and have gone towards the ‘deeper progression system’ that doesnt seem to ever be coming.

Also separate point, does anyone use more than one mk of the same weapon? I’ve found a best in class for each mk/weapon category and dont touch the rest anymore.

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When you get to a certain point, perhaps 500 hours or 1000 hours, you WILL appreciate the variety the game offers.

If being able to churn out weapons faster (ie. not having to wait 6 months to a year) i think its a good thing for fatshark to add variety.

Remember this game is supposed to last for many years. From a big picture perspective thats plenty of time and opportunities to add “unique” weapons.


idk guys, 10 weapon “variants” all with slightly different stats, isnt what i would call spice of life. The shop clutter is real already.

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Game only lasts years if their playerbase does too.

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I don’t mind variants, but I’d like if they functioned a little more differently from each other. Some having auto, others burst or full. Some charged, some not. Different ammo types with different effects etc.


And they told you those effects, because I still can’t remember which version of the ripper gun does what.


I’d be down for more variants, but only if they end up balanced. For infantry lasguns the mk XII is far better than the alternatives, as is the accatran mk VIIa for recon lasguns and the agripinaa for braced autoguns.

I’d be down for more variants, but only if they end up balanced. For infantry lasguns the mk XII is far better than the alternatives, as is the accatran mk VIIa for recon lasguns and the agripinaa for braced autoguns. scythid

This thing will happen one way or another eventually even without variants.
It would ultimately narrow down compare between lasguns to bolter or lasgun…

This just happen to classes, some just performed far better than othens.
But should they have no place of existence?
I would say there always a chance of states tweak, which is way simpler than make out something new and completely different from thin air.

I do hope if attachment system fatshark could look into one day, with good design and limitation.
Brings up options to slightly tweak personaly preference has potential to balance variants problem and we might just have more toys to test to play with.

Only if fat shark could look into.

Gimme a Scythe like the Grim Reaper pLoX and I shall reap heretics in the name of the EMPEROR !