Melee Bugs I've noticed this weekend

Hyperdensity is Obvious, but now that they can all attack at once its a huge issue.
If I try and push attack and knock enemies down they become untargetable but can still attack me and they impede movement where the ground looks clear.
Certain light attacks seems to completely pass through enemies that are close to me, it feels like they have to be 2-3 feet away to be able to hit them. The game is too hectic for me to tell you which ones do this, but Charged attacks (with A&F) seem to not have this issue.
Sound ques for backstabs are broken.

Temp Hp generation often rounds down to Zero, not sure if this is a bug or the intended nerf, either way its non-existent on Cleave, and shitty but present on Kill. I have no way to judge how headshots interact with Temp HP because I don’t trust combat.

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