Ongoing Issues with Melee

While I’m thankful for the change Fatshark has made with Patch 2.0.3 to enemy stagger resilience, I’ve noticed a still ongoing issue since Patch 2.0 when engaging in melee with enemy hordes and even small groups.

I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but it seems like enemies are able to get hits in pretty often even when I am performing at the same level I have before Patch 2.0. No matter what class I’m playing as or what melee weapon I’m using, I feel like enemies have suddenly become capable of dealing damage at seemingly random moments. Is this because of a change to how enemies slot into hordes? Is this because there has been a change to how enemy character models can move while performing an attack animation? Are enemies able to bypass enemies in front of them to get a swing in from afar? Is this because enemies can clump up so much now to the point that it’s hard to deal with? Again, I cannot be exactly sure of what is causing this to happen, but I can’t help but notice that something still feels off about being in melee. Thankfully, cleaving is now present again, but there is still something that has to be addressed about enemy attacks. I hope this issue is addressed just like enemy stagger resistance was. I also hope the extreme density of enemy mobs clumping together is addressed as well as it can be very overwhelming to deal with.

Overall, I truly do wish that Fatshark would have stuck to just adding new content without having to change the gameplay at all. The gameplay was already great. In my opinion, after having played the game for over 400 hours, there was no need to change anything. All that was needed was to give us more stuff to do (aka the Weaves). As a big fan of the game, I really do hope that steps are taken to return the melee combat back to its former state when it felt more manageable and less frustrating.


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