Melee hits since patch 1.0.8 causing constant stagger/interrupts

Since the patch, every single melee attack from any enemies, even the lowly poxwalkers who spawn behind you cause the toughness break sound, stagger your view, interrupt your psyker spells/brain bursts and causes you to drop ADS whenever they hit you.

I’ve never noticed this before, only on actual toughness breaks and staggers from more powerful enemies. It makes playing the game feel awful right now when you need to quickly deal with a special. Significantly compounded by the repeated nerfs to dodging.

Because the ADS is hold rather than toggle, this requires you to let go of the button and press it again, it makes the entire thing feel incredibly janky and un-fun.

Happens constantly against every single enemies type in melee, ranged enemy attacks still behave as they always did.

Is this intentional? New? Have I just never noticed it before somehow?