Maybe a step in the right direction for weaves

The addition of quick play in weaves for season 2 might be the first step in casual randomized weaves that dont do leaderboards. It is doubtful we will ever get bots in weaves, that is fine and I’ve come to terms with it but random weaves would be a blast. Give the AI director a bit of fun in weaves. Random weave on a random map with random objectives. I’m not saying remove competitive leaderboards weaves but a random weave option would be great fun and really bump up the replay value quite a bit. Perhaps for season 3 or something.

Am I the only one who would enjoy weaves done by our AI director as well as the crafted ones we have now?

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I personally think one of the many issues of Weaves is that there’s no reason for casual players (like me) to play it other than the challenge/experience itself (aside from the borders, I guess, but not everyone is fond of it). I’m sorry, but “experience” alone is not enough incentive for most players to try out Weaves, and adding QP will not solve the issue at hand.

People respond to incentives, and if they see a reward that’s worth it, then even I would do them as well. Unique Veteran skins for each weapon (heck, allowing Weave-based skins to be used in adventure mode would be a nice option if they’re feeling a bit lazy to design a new one lol) would be a good start, followed by cosmetics that’s not a recolor of an existing clothing; maybe a clothing that has a subtle glow, just like our weapons, would be great as well. Yes, Lohner’s Emporium will be released soon, but not every cosmetic has to be tied to that feature.

Here’s hoping that this mode will rise from the ashes, one way or another.

They talked about this on stream. The goal is to add randomized weaves, but it’s not as simple as just throwing the director in there.

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