Massive Slowdown

Since the update that was supposed to improve frame rates, the game has gotten worse for me - and in the last few days, it has reached absurd levels. I don’t seem to be the only one with this issue, as many friends I play with have the same problem. It’s worst during hordes, which makes sense . . . only I used to be fine during hordes. Now, even with nearly every setting turned as low as possible, I am dropping to as low as 12 fps in hordes - and honestly, having turned things down doesn’t seem to have improved the situation at all. It is making the game nearly unplayable, and I’m dreading when I hear a horde sound for all the wrong reasons. It has made finishing maps on Legend with low-health characters almost impossible without dying at least once, because the slowdown gets so bad I cannot avoid hits in each horde.

I just want to know if this is an issue that is on your radar and you are aiming to improve.


Idk how this works, but EVERY day I play i have DIFFERENT FPS and performance. No patches came out, nothing changed in my PC, my internet is as good as ever - yet I can have a 50% FPS difference on the same map playing it a day apart.

Also, another cool unique feature of VT2 - it FPS feels like 20-30 fewer than displayed one. At 80-90 fps I feel like having 60 at best, at 60 it becomes almost unplayable feeling like 30-40 fps. And when it occasionally drops to 50 - everything turns into slide-show.

Funny you should say that, I realize now I feel the same way, for I regularly tweak settings when fps is low for no apparent reason every now and then when I play, and usually going to lower settings which does nothing at all.

I was complaining about this on discord. One of my mates said that when windows does updates, it messes up the game as well. One of the recent windows updates made things really bad. I didn’t even know that windows had updated, at it tends to “ghost” download and install updates when you are not around your PC.

When you start the game, hit the windows key + the “g” button. Go to settings and turn that shìt off. I noticed a massive difference from completely disabling windows gaming mode. Apparently there’s some setting that is supposed to “optimism” your gaming experience. All it did was make me lag.


I have Windows 7. It doesn’t update anymore. Moreover, I do updates manually.

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ah, you’re lucky. My old SSD corrupted and when I moved to Sweden, I got stuck with Windows 10 :frowning: I hate that you can’t disable updates -_-

I believe this offers at least a measure of control. Basically tells it ‘‘Hey I have a limited internet plan, don’t just download everything whenever you want to.’’

That said I’ll just keep re-installing the same old copy of Win7x64 for the near future till they sort out the drama that is windows 10 updates crashing everything, particularly for creators xD


Thank you so much lol. I just checked those settings and windows 10 has downloaded over 40GB in the last 30 days for windows updates and “apps” which I don’t even use. Jesus…

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Just did it for my wife, brother and daughter as well. Between the 4 of us, almost 200GB of “updates”. And we wonder why our internet is always lagging lol

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FPS seems to be getting worse and worse, even on a multicore, OCed, GTX 1080ti beast.

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That’s windows 10 for ya! It also has a p2p update sharing thing enabled by default where it shares updates with other computers on your network.

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I’d like to point out that my frame rates have literally DOUBLED since initial release. My system is old by todays standards, but going from 30-35 fps to a reliable 60-70? Yeah I’ll take that. No system changes or tweaks were made to my system, but that patch where they made some graphical improvements made the game smooth as silk for me

Edit: I dont think I actually said thanks… so thanks Fatshark :slight_smile:


I’m going to get reamed for this perhaps but it’s genuinely a local issue if performance is inconsistent between sessions without having game updates in that time.


Everyone with a geforce GPU should Play in DirectX 12… got issues with the latest drivers in dx11 too…

Otherwise i okay with vsync and it works fine… the latest Windows Updates Nase Note Probleme than this game

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I haven’t felt FPS drops per se since the new patch rolled out, but I am having an extreme input lag at some moments to that extent that I can’t even turn my camera for a second or two. It feels like my mouse is “locked” when that happens.

This is very likely true, although worse performance since release is still a thing. In my case I’m not talking about varying performance without updates, but performance being worse than earlier patches, especially during hordes.

My performance has actually gotten better every patch, at least in terms of fps. Lag related things still all over the place though :frowning:

Under the in-game network settings, try the “smaller packet” option (wording might be a little different but you’ll see the option I refer to)


Assume you’re talking about this? What exactly does it mean? I don’t have good internet by Swedish standards, but I still get about 100Mbps down and up in my flat. Is smaller network packets something to do with your ping or something? Because I too have noticed some small stutters, feels like the mouse locks up.

Do you use vsync?

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