Major slowdowns since 2.0.8

Basically, some scenes, especially when there are numerous enemies, have again become slow motion, sometimes with occasional enemy disappearance, but it partially depends on the host CPU. The benchmark also shows the minimum FPS drop, at least as far as I remember.

I’m not sure whether this started with 2.0.7., but I think not.

Anyone else?


I finally got this solved by doing all of the following:
-Cleaning my computer thoroughly, checking all the components were well-seated (which they seemed to be, but can’t hurt to check).
-Rechecking all my video drivers
-Going back to DX12 (11 had been suggested as maybe helping so I was on that for awhile)
-Re-verifying my VT2 install

I had already updated my drivers prior to this, turned everything down to bare minimum, and disabled all mods.

Finally this has gotten the game to where it’s playable - I think the lowest I dropped to in my last game was 45fps.

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Horde and banners destroys fps. Frametime ~50 ms and higher
Almost minimum settings

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And FPS below 60 will also slow down your attack speed, meaning a 60 FPS player can deal more damage than a 30 FPS player, at identical Hero Power, equipment and talent selection. I get between 15 and 25 FPS lowest settings during the Dark Omens finale once two-three banners are planted, so for now my friends and I blacklist that mission as unplayable.

Granted, my PC is heavily CPU bottlenecked i5-750 from late 2009, but at least make the weapons animation speed independent of framerate (increasing hit detection tolerances or hitbox/traceline sizes if needed) so players can still struggle through below 60 FPS without double punishment.

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