Slow motion during gameplay

I updated my graphics driver today and after starting v2 i noticed strange slow downs during gameplay…not stuttering but literal slow motion with slower strikes etc. I tried setting the workerthreads from 5 to 4 wich didnt do much and i tried swapping the direct x versions but also no results. Im not sure if this has anything to do with the driver update and a friend of mine had similar issues before me. Its noteworthy that im getting slow downs at specific almost scripted points on the map, tho i tried it mainly on enchanters lair.

The game was running perfectly fine yesterday so its a bit baffeling to me honestly…but its also not a new issue with this game, performance always seems to do want it wants in my case, quite sad actually.

PS: the issue doesnt seem to be related to the amount of enemies and not comparable to normal lag…

My rig:
i7 4790k
gtx970 amp extreme core edition zotac
16 gig ram
game is installed on my ssd drive

Could you try reverting to the last driver version, so we can identify whether that is indeed the problem?

Ill try it and see how it works

Ok i reinstalled the old driver and restarted my pc and apparently its working smooth as butter now. I will update you if this performance stays that way. Should i give you the nvidia driver that may have caused the issue?

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