Game running in slow motion

this started yesterday. it’s not network lag, it’s not fps drops, the game is just straight up running in slow motion of varying degrees. so far I’ve tried changing my graphics settings, I’ve tried restarting the game, restarting steam, restarting my computer. the only thing left to do is to try and roll back my graphics drivers (which I did update early yesterday as well), however it’s not letting me do so, thus I’m kind of at a dead end here on how to resolve the issue.

Intel Core i7 7700k
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
16gb DDR4 RAM

It sounds like this may still be a performance issue - we’d appreciate it if you could add your experience here: Chaos Wastes Performance Issues/FPS Drops


it seems to be related to attacking enemies specifically when the slo-mo starts, I’ve even had it trigger to some degree by just attacking air. I have pretty much done everything under the sun to try and resolve it with no success. it’s made the game an utter slog and not a very fun one

Out of interest, are you using a controller or mouse and keyboard?

mouse and keyboard, though I’ve been using the controller UI that you can set in the options for a long time.

Could you try the normal UI for maybe one map, see if it runs any better?

tried it with no luck. when I got on recently the game ran smooth for half the day before slowing down again. it’s got to the point where it’s no longer triggered by attacking and instead seems to just always be in varying degrees of slow motion, AKA this issue seems to be wildly inconsistent.

I had a similar issue on DX12 recently. Turns out it was the latest Windows update causing the problem.

Uninstalling the latest Windows update solved the slow-mo for me.


Just updated windows again to check it out. Whatever they did had no effect for me.
DX12 is still unplayable. DX11 is still slow-mo free but runs noticeably worse.

Just to add: Microsoft has released a hotfix for that specific update. No idea if this fixed the performance issues for good.

I uninstalled the update as you said and initially it seemed to have worked, but when I got on later it was again in slow motion

I know I keep saying this but I am truly out of ideas. I don’t know what I can do at this point to alleviate the issue, so I’m left with no other choice but to toss the ball into your court and pray you guys come up with something.

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There will be an upcoming optimisation patch, especially with the recent influx of performance complaints, so I can only recommend holding out for that. Failing that, or if you’d rather not wait - providing Vermintide 2 was purchased via Steam, I’m happy to contact them and request that they issue you a refund.

Praise the comet! I hope this will include particle optimizations as well? My FPS still tanks whenever particles are on screen.

I’ve had the game since it released, I have all the DLC, and I’ve poured over 1500 hours into it. so I don’t think a refund is for me, and I wouldn’t want one either. I’ve definitely got my money’s worth out of this game, I’d just hate for it to end like this. here’s hoping the upcoming patch fixes it

Just got into a game and I’m having big fps issues and enemies are making no sound…
Changing maps did not fix it. Restarting the game did not fix it.

Trying without mods next, there was a VMF update earlier today, might be related.
EDIT : It is related, no problem without mods. :frowning_face:

Great, my fps absolutely tanked today so need to try out that later.

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