Since 08-12 performance issues

first of all, sorry for my horrible english.

I’m a complete newbie to steam and I haven’t played any game for many years, so I’m lost in everything related to hardware and software.

Until yesterday, December 7, I could play with some occasional problem (the game crashed) but today when I wanted to play the game it works very slow, I don’t know the correct term, but everything, menu, videos, play… works excessively slow, like if it were a second late.

I don’t have Supporting Evidence or Console Log, sorry

Steam ID: jestrany

12/08/2022, 19:00PM Japan

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Same issue here. Performance is notably worse and i hadnt had any crashes till today. Now its several in one session. Mostly between games though.

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Hilariously enough my performance went up since that date.
I did this thing - maybe it’ll help you:
I run i78700k+rtx2080ti 32gb ram
I used to have sub 60 fps@1440p
I ran the game in fullscreen mode+streamed on twitch
my settings were everything high, dlcc on, raytracing off
A couple of days ago I changed from fullscreen to borderless and stopped streaming.
The game now runs at average 80-90fps, with raytracing low.
Dunno if this just an anecdote or it might help you.
Also, they say to tweak active thread core count (in the launcher settings) - I’m trying to reduce it, but frankly don’t see any positive result so far.

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Off-topic, but, your english is perfectly fine.

I’ve seen natives write far worse. FAR worse.

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And reducing thread count did nothing for me - game flops on its belly every ~20 mins or so.