MASSIVE performance increase on launch

Specs: 12700k, 64gb ram, 3090ti

My performance during both the closed and pre-order betas was absolutely awful. Even running with everything disabled or on low, I was getting erratic frames ranging from 90fps literally standing still to sub 30fps during fights.

I am now getting better fps on high, while streaming, during mobs, than I ever had before release today.

So just as I was critical about performance before, I have to praise the performance now. Game is looking great and so far, running comparatively excellent.

Still can’t use Ray Tracing at all, but I’ll accept high settings at 1400p and a smooth framerate.

Good job FS.

It appears that whatever was done to improve your performance has utter tanked a whole bunch of peoples performance.

I have lost about 50% of performance since the update.
Interesting that you are on a 12 series (when the performance/eco cores was introduced) I wonder if whatever they did to facilitate this setup has savaged the performance on the straight up cores


While trying to fix my abysmal performance pre-release, I tried reducing cores since it helped others, but no dice.

The thing is, my GPU is still being under-utilized. My CPU get’s taxed to like 75%, but my GPU rarely if ever goes about 50%. Plenty of RAM unused too, so if there’s a bottleneck somewhere I don’t know where it is.

Forgive my ignorance here but is there a way to see which cores (performance vs Eco) that your CPU is using? If so would you mind checking what is now being used and reporting back. Im curious to see what the game uses on the new intel design

So just done a quick run, the time index marked (14:31 is roughly where the first horde appeared)

FPS during the run varied wildly between 60fps (I have my GPU limited to 60 as 60hz screen) and as low as 9fps

It definitely looks like I am being CPU bottlenecked now though before (pre launch) I wasnt getting that at all.

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That looks like Afterburner, is that what you’re using to track performance here?

Yeah I used afterburner, its the only thing I think I have to properly measure the data

I’m on a 12 series too, my performance is the same or slightly worse than in betas, which wasn’t great to begin with.

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