Marksman Focus should give you penetration on shots

Let us shoot through team mates ffs. I feel pigeonholed into a revolver because all my friends are ogryns.


Sounds like a skill issue.

All the ability needs is to remove the dumb weakspot requirement and loss of stacks on movement and it would be solid.

They should remove teammate eating any bullets, period. If nades dont collide on your teammates i dont see why bullets should. This really ruins the feels of weapons like the headhunters.


You call shooting past 2 ogryns that like strafing side to side a skill issue in a game with a ton of enclosed hallways, but call the weakspot requirement to trigger it dumb despite all PvE mobs moving in predictable manners if they are even moving at all.

Aite man. You do you.

Also the movement is barely an issue when you are in combat. Just headshot something every 3 seconds.


Join chaos, they can even make nets phase through Ogryns


That is a lot of cope I’m hearing. Learn how to play around your teammates.

I feel this actually. Adding reliable passthru (I don’t think rending works on teammates???) would make me feel like I could branch out a bit more. As it stands, I’m waaaay too comfortable putting bullets directly through all of my teammates.

EDIT: mechanically, it sounds like it could be a nightmare (and also irritating, unless it killed the sound/HUD effect for teammates).

Rending isn’t passthrough in the first place.

Does it not help? I’ve always felt like it helped bypass mass, like cleave?

Naw Rending increases armor penetration (by increasing the damage you deal to armor).

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Gotcha! Simple. Thanks for the clarification!

I guess the revolver just always punches holes through everything…god emperor, I take this thing for granted.

Is this for real? Are you joking? I can’t tell.

You can’t control what your teammates do, but you otherwise can control where you are aiming providing you can aim at all and teammates don’t block the shots. The skill issue would be not wanting to hit the headshots.

At a bare minimum, Volley Fire should allow Vet to shoot through teammates with all weapons for the duration. Really what should happen is that all ranged weapons should shoot through all teammates, like how it works in melee.


unless you can see into the future and can tell where your squad members are gonna be at any given moment, it’s literally impossible to avoid shooting your teammates all the time lol


they REALLY need to make it so people can shoot through ogryns. The best thing about the revolver and plas rifle is that they let you do that.

Have you tried, I dunno repositioning?

your attempt at elitism is just super cringe. have you tried, i dunno, not trying so hard? this is OBJECTIVELY not a skill issue. you 100% hit teammates with friendly fire, too, so i’m not sure why you’re trying to act as if you’re some magical unicorn player lol

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Elitism? My guy I am saying you just need to position better. You know, a basic skill.

Strawman. I never said I didn’t

Youre not wrong but frequently your teammates just happen to walk into your field of vision, and ive had many times where a clown squad of gunners spawned in front of a short corridor and everyone just charges forward while i give each one of them the ol commisar encouragement. It harms weapons with no innate penetration a lot. Its not always as simple as ‘just reposition’

teammates getting in the way isn’t a skill issue, though, so you’re just wrong on that. your teammates will get in your way at some point and there’s only so much you can do about it. you’ll reposition, and another one with run into your los; it’s inevitable. you saying it’s a, “skill issue”, is nonsense, since it literally happens to everyone, in every single match ever played.

i’m also pretty sure that most people here move around to find a better firing position when they’re being blocked, but you’re making it sound as if it’s never an issue if you have, “basic skill”. when you’re surrounded by dozens of different enemies, all with different movements and behaviours, and you’ve got a limited number of bullets, you’re gonna end up wasting a few on teammates.

it’s literally impossible to avoid the completely random, unpredictable movements of your teammates, even if you’re on voice chat with 3 friends.


It would be abusable - stay behind ogryn and shoot through him, done.