Make Warp Charges dissipate one at a time

The way they are now, trying to maintain 4 stacks is a pain, especially because when they wear off, they ALL wear off. It makes it so you’re constantly on the hunt to kill anything with a Brain Burst, which is just plain annoying and not fun. I think they would feel a lot better disappearing one at a time.


There have been a lot of comments about this on the forum and I’m just curious what level people are on their psykers as there seem to be some interesting feats in the tree that might help with warp charge generation that I feel haven’t been tested too much by the community yet since its only day 2 of the beta. its been a bit annoying for me sure but I’m only level 7 so I’m waiting to see how an endgame build or psyker gear traits help with the situation before asking for any changes etc.