Make Disrupt Destiny's Charges Degrade like Warp Charges!

  • Yes, it would make the ability more reliable…
  • No, i think the Ability is ok as is.
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as per a friends request ive separated this topic out of one of my others
im liking the Psyker Keystone Ability Disrupt Destiny,
its kinda become my go to since Warp Charges now have built in Quicken which i dont care for.

theirs only a couple issues with it.

for those who dont know what Disrupt Destiny does.

Disrupt Destiny

Every second, Enemies within 25m have a chance of being marked. killing a marked enemy replenished 10% toughness, Grants 20% movement speed for 2.5s, and adds a Precision Bonus for 15s.

Each Precision Bonus Grants +1% Damage, +2% Critical Damage, +2.5% Weakspot Damage. Precision Bonus Stacks 15 Times.

The Issue - Charge Degradation!

much like warp charges used to be long ago when one expires you lose all your charges,
Forcing you to gather them again which can be a chore just as hard as Warp Charges used to be.

before patch 13 you could usually only gain warp charges from Brain Bursting a target.
however brain burst of old, where heads would glow when your Psyker was targeting them.
this allowed players to see if an ally was targeting someone with a brain burst.
allowing them to hold their shots as not to stifle their Psykers power.

With Disrupt Destiny, other players get no such notification on which are marked targets.
leading to friendlies stealing kills ( though accidentally ), and causing Psykers to lose their stacks.
this puts Psykers in an odd spot as they are now doing less damage and have to Farm up more stacks.

this ( from my Experiance ) leads Psykers to act more agressive then they normally would.
this can often lead to the Psyker getting downed, and frustrated, and acting more reckless.
also if an ally is killing a Disrupt Destiny target, Psykers will often kill steal to get the charge.

all this together i think leads to a game mechanic that isnt fun when lucks not on your side.
and can lead to agressive behavior to your team if things go sour, both of which arnt good.

so much like Warp Charges were Fixed i think the same should be done.

i would suggest to have the stacks degrade slowly and not all at once.
As Disrupt Destiny has 15 base stacks i can see them degrading 3 at a time or 5sets of 15secs(75secs)
this would be close to Warp Charges 4 base Stacks at 1 at a time or 4sets of 25secs(100secs)

Warp Charge to Disrupt Destiny Compatison

Disrupt Destiny(Base)

(15 base stacks) Degrading (3 at a time) every (5secs) until Gone or (5sets of 15secs)(75secs)

Disrupt Destiny(Max Charge Build)

(30 base stacks) Degrading (3 at a time) every (15secs) until Gone or (10sets of 15secs)(150secs)

Disrupt Destiny(Max Duration Build)

(15 base stacks) Degrading (3 at a time) every (30secs) until Gone or (5sets of 30secs)(150secs)

Warp Charges(Base)

(4 base stacks) Degrading (1 at a time) every (25secs) until Gone or (4sets of 25secs)(100secs)

Warp Charges(Max Charge Build)

(6 base stacks) Degrading (1 at a time) every (25secs) until Gone or (6sets of 25secs)(150secs)


i feel this would make the marks more reliable and so easier to gauge their effectiveness.
and in general i feel they would still be distinct enough to be their own vs Warp Charges.
wail also being comparable to warp charges in their own way.

thoughts, comments, concerns


Either this or make it mark more enemies.

Really hate that sometimes it’s not marking anyone.


Who plays with it anyway???

i use it sometimes but i find more value in Warp Siphon as its much more reliable.

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ether of these would work

will it really matter much? losing all at once vs 3 at a time?

short answer (Yes)

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yes because itll increase the upkeep drastically when you have max stacks. 15 stacks with 30 second to degrade for each? Almost 8 minutes of that passive buff is actually really insane. If they make it deteriorate 1 at a time theyll have to rework the total stacks.


I’d be really glad if teammates could also see highlighted enemies, and help the Psyker build stacks by killing them.

Having it mark more enemies like Fingeris said would be great as well.

In fact, if it were reworked to simply highlight enemies for you and teammates with no additional strings attatched, it would be better than it is now.

What I would do to have this keystone in the current state over marksman’s focus, but sure, having them degrade would probably be good (no sarcasm).

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well the idea was to have stacks degrade 3 at a time so (75secs Base) & (150secs Maxed)


to be honest if teammates killing targets could build stacks that would also fix this skill

the types of enemies it can effect is also rediculously limited. would make alot of sense if more enemies/armor classes can be highlightable. for example, horde and specials. if you play auric maelstrom, there’s over a hundred dogs n muties in ur face. might as well get a stack of them. think its jus the 2 main factions that can be highlighted and thats BS

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agreed i would like to see it expanded,

again agreed

There’s also a ton of bugs with this keystone. I have no idea how to replicate but I’m assuming Riposte is to blame (stop being so good with psyker loadouts that incorporate crits and I will stop running it…). Somehow I get 2 second refresh windows for this buff, but without stacking and it becomes a giant waste of nodes.

But yeah being able to target like 3 enemies at a time, and including the rest of the enemies in the game would be nice.

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I think mechanic itself is bad. It forces you into killing certain targets and disrupts the combat flow.


i think having more enemies able to be targeted would help or have targets killed by allies count both would work better

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The issue that has led me to just avoiding the keystone is activating it. That said, if they do change it to make it more like Warp Charge, how is it really any different than Warp Charge? They could probably just roll the two of them into one and make something new to add as a keystone for the tree.

well making it degrade 3 charges at a time would make it like warp charges but its also very different that warp charges. this would be a fix to the frustration of losing what can be a hard charge to gain.

i actually had a topic on just this, but it didnt get much traction.