Tweaking Disrupt Destiny to be more player friendly

Although Disrupt Destiny is reasonably effective compared to the other Psyker Capstones, I’ve found that it doesn’t feel particularly good to use compared to its alternatives.

The semi-random way in which it marks enemies combined with the fact that teammates can unknowingly kill a Psyker’s target makes the skill unreliable to use, and encourages the Psyker to compete with their teammates for kills, and to go out of their way to take out targets who often aren’t a priority for the team.

I think this could be rectified by allowing a Psyker’s teammates to see highlighted enemies, and to reward the Psyker with DD stacks when that enemy dies, provided they’re in coherency.

Unfortunately, enemies highlighted by DD look quite similar to the glowing skeleton effect for teammates visible through walls. So a tweak to the effect might also need to be made to avoid confusion for players.

Do you think that this would be a good way to improve DD? I’d be happy to hear any alternate ideas you may have.


Changed the marked target to PURPLE so that it no longer matches teammate outlines.

I wish that the keystone did something noteworthy to help with ability cooldown and/or peril. Right now purloin purveyance is a joke. You jump through the hoop to kill the marked target, and you get a CHANCE to quell a PITTANCE of peril. That doesn’t make sense. It should be a 100% chance to quell given the expense of both taking on an extra talent and diverting your combat loop to hit some random target. Meanwhile warpsiphon sits pretty with a near constant -36% peril generation with no effort expended whatsoever.


It seems like the devs really overestimated how much players would want to pursue targets chosen for them at random.

I don’t think it’s a matter of WANT. It’s a matter of cost/benefit. The random target is rarely going to be the optimal target, so there needs to be a worthwhile reward to going out of your way to prioritize random marked targets. Right now the reward for jumping through that hoop doesn’t hold a candle to the alternative keystone rewards.

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