Make Disrupt Destiny's Charges Degrade like Warp Charges!

Would I enjoy this change personally? Yes.

If this was the only thing changed would it make Warp Charges totally worthless? Also yes.

I think just increasing the timer on Disrupt Destiny a bit would be sufficient to be honest. As it stands, as far as I can tell, nobody runs 30 stacks of Disrupt Destiny because it runs out almost instantly. The current 15 setup should be the timer on the 30 stacks, and the 15 should be double what it is now.

well not really, i mean wouldnt warp charges still have the decreased peril costs and damage?

And cooldown reduction, its so easy to get all of your warp charges back like as they leave vs. Disrupt Destiny. The bleedoff mechanic should be kept so there’s a mechanical difference between 2 building stacks for buff keystones. Disrupt Destiny should let you 3 targets active, depending on enemy type, and roll into another slot if it can’t be filled.

Throw out this stupid scab/dreg nonsense, because at times there will be nothing to even provide a stack. Make one elite enemy, one specialist enemy and one horde enemy favoring gun hands and bruisers an on screen target at all times. Then it will be sufficiently different from Warp Charges, because you could supercharge buffs for 30 stacks pretty easy in combat even if you could lose it between screens, or just run the 30s one and have it up essentially all game. Its the scab/dreg thing and only one target that ruins it, especially when it gets like kickback’d off a ledge 30m away and you have to wait for it to come back into view.

DD is such a massive DPS boost for way fewer points that simply via opportunity cost Warp Charges would be massively less valuable.

Worthless is not what I would call them though.

as i said the bleed off could be 2-3-4 charges at a time for balance,

the main issues being,
number of targets marked, types of targets marked, allies killing marked targets.

but as a single change degrading charges could help keep slow areas of the game from being all and nothing, as right now if you have an elevator you can consider all your charges gone.

All the Pskyers capstones need buffed, Disrupt Destiny most with this quality of life fix.

Agreed, and Warp Siphon + Venting Shriek should also have the Quicken effect (remove all stacks for blitz bonuses) be made optional.

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DD is designed for frontlining aggressive psykers that get to the ambient enemies first. It works great with that playstyle and the charges are near permanently maxed out.
This change would let scaredy backline psykers benefit from the big cojones frontline psyker talent. I personally think that takes the flavor and identity away. It’s at that point just warp charges but different.

1000% yes, though im mostly a Vet Player, i think Psy boys need some love.

i disagree, it could be balanced to take more than one charge every time its timer runs out.
a balance can be found, but right now i think its mostly feast or famine, and in higher difficulties it can be hard to obtain.