Psyker KeyStone Rework! Give Disrupt Destiny to Vet and expand the Warp Charge Keystone!

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ive been thinking this since the first time i read Disrupt Destiny.
it sounds more like a Vet KeyStone than a Psyker Keystone, just read the Description.

Disrupt Destiny

Every second, Enemies within 25m have a chance of being marked. killing a marked enemy replenished 10% toughness, Grants 20% movement speed for 2.5s, and adds a Precision Bonus for 15s.

Each Precision Bonus Grants +1% Damage, +2% Critical Damage, +2.5% Weakspot Damage. Precision Bonus Stacks 15 Times.

it sounds like it would be a better fit for a Vetren like character
someone who can Snipe or assassinate an enemy using their tool kit.
ether by going invisible or by taking them out at extreme range.

it doesnt feel like a Psyker Skill.


so im suggesting a rework of 2 of the Psyker Keystones.

= Psyker Keystone Rework =

(just realized it looks like the Psyker Eye Emblem, was not intentional, still cool though)

most of the nodes are there except their is no Disrupt Destiny keystone.
in its place is another Warp Siphon keyStone and new combine functionality.

Quicken Siphon (works as Warp Siphon now)

killing an elite or specialist enemy gains you a warp charge for 25s stacking 4 times.
your next combat ability spends all warp charges but reduces the cool-down of your next combat ability by 7.5% per warp charge

on the other side

Warp Siphon (works as old Warp Siphon without Quicken)

killing an elite or specialist enemy gains you a warp charge for 25s stacking 4 times.
gain 3% Toughness Damage Reduction per warp charge. when Reaching 100% Peril, instead of Exploding you expend all warp charges reducing Peril by 15% per warp charge.
this would allow Sword Psykers to get back some of their lost moxy from patch 13.
as well as help Psykers who like living on the edge of detonation.

Names on the Tree

all other nodes are the same as their names in the current Psyker Tree,
Purloin Providence Trigger chance based on Killing Elites and Specials
Cruel Fortune grants 2 additional Warp Charges as its base.

Node Locks

everything on the one side of the tree locks everything on the other
(Purloin Providence Locks Essence Harvest) & (Essence Harvest Locks Purloin Providence)
(Cruel Fortune Locks Psychic Vampire) & (Psychic Vampire Locks Cruel Fortune)
(Inner Tranquility Locks Inner Tranquility)
middle nodes dont lock and can be used to Navigate.

what was lost

so all the current nodes are there besides:

  1. The Disrupt Destiny Keystone
  2. Lingering Influence( Double Charge Duration ) ( Disrupt Destiny node )
  3. Perfectionism( Double Charge Amount ) ( Disrupt Destiny node )

Thoughts Comments Concerns?

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Although I agree with a medley of what you spread out, I counter with you on Distrupt Destiny existing not for Psyker. The Dev-team finally delivered the gun psykers something, but more so, The Void Staff. For too long, running it instead of Surge/Purg/Truma was more of a meme to vent/fastshoot, scarcely scratching the other options’ practicality. IMHO, DD speaks to VoidStaff entirely, as does the warp siphon side, albeit not as much for now; the comparison is TBD for DPS differences; if you are a god-level aimbot, it seems DD would be better with SG over the WS side.

I praise the endeavour and think tank, but FatShark has a lot more damage management to treat after this most delinquent patch, and that’s putting it lightly when you glimpse what has transpired and evolved from some of the more game-breaking matters. Deliberate or not, there are a lot of conflagrations to snuff out.


though i also have a Topic about how i feel Distrupt Destiny could be made more reliable.
and many of the things i find frustrating with Distrupt Destiny Warp Charges once upon a time.
so many of the solutions have already been tried and tested.

i think making them abit like Warp Charges will make them more reliable

  1. have their degrade one at a time like Warp Charges(to be fair to those hunting for them)
  2. reduce the max charges, i suggested make them x3 but also have 1/3 the max Charges.
  3. reduce the Range from 25 which can be huge, to maybe 10m(melee agro) or perhaps 15m.

but ya just throwing out ideas, they can be fixed in many ways.
but its upto the devs in the end, and with this patch im hopeful. :slight_smile:

I better understand now, thank you.

I forgot to mention that it’s also a pain at the moment that DD does not work in the Psykhanium. Something to do with invisibility is what my messing around showed me. I use mods to somewhat fix it quickly at the moment.

To add to your reliability concern, I must say that with DPS/zerg-like playstyle being adopted, it is chaos and frustration not getting the KillingBlow on marked targets, especially ones marked for you by your talents. It hampers the DD Keystone; at least with WS, you have Psychic Vampire.

Tacking on to the 25m marked target fiasco can often overwhelm your team pretty fast in Auric Damnation Hi-int STG, pulling targets that far out with their offensive train in tow. It has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit; trying to maintain my stacks I hurriedly fling a shock ball at some mauler, and right as I let go of RMB, I hear the STG wave. as well as being asinine, it seems to go well away from the team/coop-like mentality we have been accustomed to, much to do with this last patch made team choices less valuable to the dps hunger in many of us.

So I fully agree with you to change the distance at the very least and possibly throw us a bone with a similar option to PsyV but on the DD side.

I think it’s supposed to be some sort of precognition thing, but I like your idea for it to be a Vet thing WAY more.

Maybe call it ‘Priority Target’ or something like that.

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im just hoping their some change to make the lower Psyker tree better.
i think both Warp Siphon and Disrupt Destiny both need love in different ways.

the other issue ive found is when talking to others they say just use Assail.

apparently the interactions with Assail and DD make both work really well.
well to the point that taking both is almost a requirement together they can be considered OP.
personally i dont think its right to have ether to make the other good.
all abilities should be good on their own.

i chouldnt have to run Assail to get the benifits from DD,
which is why ive suggested the changes i have on removing DD.
i also have another topic on Changes to DD to move it more inline with Warp Siphon.

I think doing so would make it somewhat more difficult to add further things in the future.

If we can take a Key stone away I would also take Disrupt Destiny but replace it whole sale with a new mechanic. But I would keep the Divination aspect that DD and Scryer Gaze do.

PS: How did you take the picture ?

Edit: Had an Idea themed on the Emperor’s Tarot but it think it would work better as a Blitz.

i can see that working. im always up to new ideas and debate on whats best, :slight_smile:

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figures, thought it could have been an old concept they didnt use.

Photoshop mostly,

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sounds cool

nope photoshop was all me, :slight_smile:

Added Poll to Topic Vote please!!! :yum:

but seems votes are very 50/50 right now,

more like 7/10 now, :smiley:

We don’t want it.

~ Vet players

well with recent Vet Changes i can see why,

good changes for the most part