Please, for the sake of my sanity rework Warp Charges

Like, I get the idea. There’s a bit of ramp up, there’s a resource to be managed. But even ignoring the fact that it just isn’t a fun mechanic I think I have probably seen more player toxicity result from Warp Charges than any other mechanic in the game.

I’m sure we’ve all seen an argument between a psyker who is beyond salty that people keep popping his BB targets. And that’s fair, when you’ve spent 10-15 seconds faffing about building up to 6 charges because your entire build is centred on making you more powerful and some guy shoots the random poxwalker in the corner of the room you were using to refresh your charges meaning you have to start all over, that’s UNBELIEVABLY IRRITATING. It’s also fair that expecting people to think about every single random mob just in case the psyker needs to kill it is also unbelievably irritating.

Your three choices are micromanage everyone around you (which will make everyone but especially pubs hate you), trust pubs to be conscientious teammates (ha) or simply stop trying and instead not utilise your feats and toolkit.

Either make it last a lot longer or make it last a lot shorter but generated from all warp attacks, but it simply can’t stay as it is. Everyone knows it’s a pain and no one likes playing around it.


Don’t get your hopes too high …
There is plenty of Psyker feedback since the pre order beta pointing to all the many problem off that class and for now FS just ignored all of them, even when psyker is borderless unplayable or at least a hinderance for his team most of the time.

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Just ignore warp charges for now. They don’t offer anything meaningful, are a chore to keep up (unless you go full flame) and keeping them up is usually no benefit to the team because of mechanical issues inherent to Brain Burst itself.

I get that it’s bad. That’s why I made a thread about how bad of a mechanic it is on the gameplay feedback forum.

Yeh. There’s been many already. Maybe I’m just somewhat resigned. There’s no real way to improve things without really reworking them - it’s a poor concept based on a boring mechanic.
I’m hoping they change it sooner rather than later, but I’m really putting the small rest of my faith into a new subclass somewhen down the line so I can instead evade the problem - which, now that I think about it, is rather cynical.