Two small suggestions to make psyker less frustrating to play

Not asking for more damage. Not asking for better weapons. Not asking for more health or toughness. Just slightly less mentally and physically taxing gameplay.

I now have 275 hours of psyker play. I have completed all psyker penances and tried basically all the weapon combinations. The most frustrating elements of psyker play is how annoying it is to keep up warp charges.

Warp charges, with the right talents, both increases survivability, reduces peril generation, and increases damage. Best psyker play means keeping warp charges maxed where at all possible. And it’s mentally exhausting and takes attention away from the actual fighting happening mid-screen(or behind you).

I’d love to see two slight buffs to warp charge duration and the psychic communion talent.

Psychic Communion: When you or an ally in Coherency kills an enemy, you have a 4% chance to gain a Warp Charge.

At 4% you simply can’t expect it to be kept up through a horde if you don’t have time to sneak out and brain burst. And that’s when it’s most important to have it up at max stacks. Supposedly team’s kills should help generate stacks, but I’ve just seen it drop off entirely way too many times. Too much RNG at 4%. It needs more reliability.

Should be buffed to 5% or maybe even 6% proc chance. That would make it less frustrating trying to keep up max stacks of warp charge in sustained battles, like heresy or damnation difficulty, and high intensity games.

On higher difficulties you often don’t have time to do that, either because brain burst targets die before the burst happens(almost always the problem if there’s people with flamers around), or because you have to keep up surging/purging/striking/blocking non-stop.

Increase the duration of warp charge 5-10 seconds. These two improvements would in my opinion considerably alleviate the sense of mental taxation that comes from playing psyker, so you can dedicate more of your attention to dodging and teamwork, rather than desperate buff-maintenance and management, and make you have to focus less on the small icon and number near the corner of the monitor(as if staring at peril numbers wasn’t already taxing) and relieve you to be able to focus more on what occurs around you.

Would probably have to reduce Kinetic overload to 3 stacks of soulblaze, or give it a small internal cooldown to compensate.

Never played a psyker and I try to let the head pops go off… but I wouldn’t mind if you got the stacks even if I stole one of your kills so to speak… the head pop was active when he died even though the head did not actually pop.


They should make the sword magic kills give warp charges.
At the moment warp generation is a boring chore I usually skip.
It’s easier (and more effective imo) to hide behind an ogryn and just spawn lighting until everyone is down with an epileptic seizure.


I like that suggestion.

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