Make pressing ultimate button to swap back to melee for Outcast Engineer

As the title say i think it would be a nice QOL improvement if you could swap back to the melee weapon by pressing again the ultimate button.


No, lets it crank it with pressing ability button


Yeah, this is how I feel as well. I use a gamepad and it makes aiming while charging the crank gun a pain.

it could be an idea and instead make the swap on the right click buttun like you do to cancel any other uultimate, i’m suggesting this because it feels more intuitive.

I was about to say that. Pressing Q already switches back to melee, and is so much more natural.

That’s even worse… Right click allows you to keep the speed of the barrel without shooting, which allows for bursts which in turn saves a lot of ammo.

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For me, that would be a bad change. If I press my ult button twice, I might switch to melee when I don’t mean to. If I want to switch to melee, I’ll press my Switch to Melee button.

Tap into your inner engineer: I mapped reload to pedals and can comfortably crank using my feet :slight_smile:

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