Make Daemonhosts ect useful with this one simple trick

Never said i´m. Oops.

Get over it, this one isn´t one of the RNG threads, where poeple moan just to moan. You don´t like it, fine… but OP has a clear point to make this game better and to offer more incentives to compete with the endgame, meanwhile helping with some sort of bad luck protection.
This thread is more worth than all those “crying” ones.

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Thanks for seeing the positive in this! Indeed I don’t actually hate RNG because I enjoy the gunplay ect but I see a lot of hate for it, I feel this idea would be a good middle ground :slight_smile:

Thanks for your contribution.

I would personally just leave them as an obstacle to be avoided as they were clearly designed to be and leave this sort of reward for potential red tier weapons or as some sort of other shop gimmick.

Like sure this will make everyone in every lobby suddenly start killing every demonhost in sight regardless of the consequences and suddenly sky rocket shield ogryn player numbers because obviously thats going to be the meta that this creates.

Perhaps add it for leaving the host alive - and defeating other bosses, from what I see the biggest issue seems to be the killing of the host perhaps a “successful” completion of the host is to avoid it, thus killing it in this case gives you nothing. Would that solve the issue that people have with a shield meta / avoid the witch

Amazing idea. I have nothing to add.

Honestly fighting Daemon Host is so absolutely unfun that anythink that encourages doing that is a no go for me.

Ugh i guess? But this would require that there should be a boss spawn basically after every demonhost, which i’m not really against but sounds bit tedious. Dno kinda 50-50 here now need to think about this.

Honestly right now i kinda wish fatshark implemented the supposed “alternative” paths into this game (Pretty sure i saw press stuff about it before this game launched), it would be really cool for something like this to choose harder or easier one.

I’ve since adjusted the idea to leave the host alive for the reward rather than killing it. I believe the edit was made prior to your post, but I’m not 100% sure :slight_smile: hopefully, this way you still get the reward of successfully beating the encounter as intended.

Did you have anything else to add to the bulk of the idea besides the rightful hatred of fighting a Daemonhost?

Perhaps this was poor wording on my end, leaving the Daemonhost alive would count as a successful encounter, meaning you’d get rewarded as if you had defeated a boss. The other bosses remain untouched and reward it for a defeat as this is their “successful” encounter. You wouldn’t need to spawn in any extra boss.

Though if we were to spawn extra bosses in, It should be a modifier. “Enlarged Mass” or something and every x enemy killed spawns a boss instead of a horde. But that’s getting away from the topic at hand.

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