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Well, so we have the answer. No Undead Faction but some Skeletons (which probably count as Undead). But seems this is the limit of what we get. Although with the slowing hands that damage you, it should be possible to make a new special. Just that it would be hard to use on any map ^^’

Also, Sofia has failed but apperently she is not dead, so she can be used later on. Questions would be in what kind of setting. Reminds me, didn’t Sofia trying to blackmail Lohner? Did that actually work out? Has this something to do with the Tower of Treachery?

On another note, more Hedda: Chronicles of Hedda Bardinsdottir - Hunter or Hunted? — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

So it seems that she is being hunted. But it is so vague that it can be everything or nothing at all.

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I sincerely doubt that Fatshark would make a new enemy type with special spawn and death animations, as well as unique attack and movement animations, just for the end event of a single map. Sofia will obviously be back, and my guess is that the skeletons (probably retextured to be non-spectral next time) will form the basis of an Undead Faction somewhere down the line.

So… let’s talk lore. Any mention anywhere of a Well of Souls?
I could only find mention of the Well of Eternity, which is something else entirely, unless Oleysa is much, much, much, much more than she seems.

Isn’t it a normal Magical construct for Necromancy and Death magic ?

Like what the Ancient of Nehekara used, and basically what the Maelstorm of the Galleon Graveyard basically is, though naturally and much bigger.

I think perhaps these hints at Sofia being alive keeps the door open for an undead faction DLC at some point.

After seeing how the skeleton wraith guys work, it makes me think that they could easily adapt those for an undead faction by giving them a boney texture.


Thanks for the heads-up. I checked Friday evening. Who releases stuff on Saturday >.<

That was actually a bit more interesting again. For some reason, I always thought that Hedda is on a personal vendetta. So it is nice to see that she actually got requested by her king.

Also, the Ancestral Eye is strange. The specific mention of it being worthless in the eyes of men (and probably other races) makes you wonder why Gangplank Git stole it in the first place. Out of spite? Actually, the Vampires stole it first if I read that right?

Yes, I also wondered (might have been mentioned and I forgot) exactly how the Git aquired those. The dwarves defeated the vampires at sea, so how exactly did they grab the loot?

Dreadtide mode ON:

During the Dreadfleet novel Red Brook and his ship get destroyed, maybe Gankplank Git managed to loot among the ship to get the eye among other loot

It’s just that I wonder how that happened under (I assume) barrages from the dawi fleet. Unless there was a storm or something and they just happened upon the flotsam.

Chronicles of Hedda Bardinsdottir - 'Tis Not Natural — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Slowly coming to an end of the adventures of Bardinsdottir? The following “ship” part is intriguing but I fear we will never know what it actually way. Do Skaven actually have naval fleets? Do Vampires have them?

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Yes, and Vampire even have Undead Skaven Fleets

This is Scabrus, a reanimated Beast who ate a Skaven ship from Clan Scruvi, the Skaven started to dig in before dying, so when Scabrus was found by Count Noctilus, they were risen alongside it, they used the remain of their ship to build one about of Scabrus and fought alongside the Dreadfleet.

Now I’ve haven’t read Dreadfleet in ages, so I don’t remember what happen to Scabrus, but maybe, just maybe, we aren’t set after the time of the Dreadfleet story, but before (Still would prefer after)


Oh wow, that looks like it’s exactly what was following the Nautilus (and ate the torpedo, hah!). So, I guess it’ll turn out the Skaven stole those items Hedda was after from Git before Hedda could catch him and took them to Kazid Kro, or something? As an explanation why the Ü5 encounters Hedda in the new maps?