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Looks like they are picking up the pace once again (and I don’t mean the dwarves) :smiley:


You know this is the first time I noticed that these are journal pages that Lohner received one way or another. I wonder if this is just some narrative workaround or if it has some meaning.

Because if so, it could mean that all of these stories are long of the past. And that there is a reason why these pages arrive one at a time. Did Hedda drop them in the ocean or left them somewhere on purpose, creating a trail? Or did the Nautilus sink and the pages arrive at the shore at different times?

I would say that it’s just a narrative device to slowly build news around the Nautilus. After all, these are all written testimonies: Lohner’s journal, Oleysa’s letters, Hedda’s journal…
But yeah, things could go either way with her story.
One one hand, we’ve rarely met somebody alive with the U5 (Khazid Kro’s engineer comes to mind), but finding Bardin’s daughter would make for a nice change. I guess this is all the more reason to be hyped about the wizard’s tower, to see how they handle Sofia.

Might be when Lohner manage to decipher them ? As they would be written in Khazalid

Didn’t he find her journal ?

Lohner may not be any closer (so he says) to finding Hedda Bardinsdottir, but his search has turned up pages from her journal.

New map has been announced already: Tower of Treachery Releases March 28 on Steam — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

So, I wondered. All this built-up for Sofia to just die AND fail? I don’t know. From the announcement the following sentences got me hoping:

" Sofia Fuegonasus has taken over Olesya’s old hideout, and is attempting to spread her corruption throughout the Grey Mountains, Bretonnia and the Reikland. It’s up to you to put a stop to her deathly plans…"

Does she succeed and this is the start of the hiddenly suspected introduction of Undead? It could be easily used to explain their presence in the Reikland where they werent so prominent in the Endtimes. Could be similar to Dark Omen’s where the U5 succeeded with the mission yet still with severe consequences. No Undead were shown in the trailer though.

Also, that floating upwards effect of dead enemies is interesting to look at.


Sadly I don’t think we willget the Undead


I thought this. Surely they arent going to just snuff her out after 1 encounter? Even nurgloth got 2 maps.

Maybe shes already won? Drawing them out and getting the U5 to reveal themselves while her plans come to fruiting elsewhere (stromdorf)?

Killing lohner while theyre gone? :flushed:

Or its a map setting up a long time rivalry. I hope so and sofia isnt just crushed in one map.


Wait, aren’t those (at the beginning of the trailer) new skins for premium careers? Double yes! (but not yes-yes)

Yea, that is an unusual direct answer. Welp, still looking forward to the 28th to see what Sofia will accomplish.

Killing Olesya? Nah, then we couldn’t use the bridge of Shadows anymore.

Tbh, I was very surprised to see that, like it’s not in the usual playbook of FS

yes looks like warrior priest engi and grail knight. later in the trailer you see in first person perspective new sleeves of a outfit for kerillian.
and ofcourse a new sienna outfit! looks like a gold spikey “crown” with fire obviously and a cool red cape. question there is is it a cosmetic or a sneak peak of career 4?

We see Sienna use the Battle Wizard’s ability

yes, thats true.
but when you see her walk with the bolt staff it looks like the regular gloves for ballte wiz, when you see her use the teleport its way to dark and i cant really see her hands and arms there.
all i have is hope.

BTW, there’s a new lore post as well ^^

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I don’t expect an Undead faction but if we did get one it wcould be cool. Although I guess they’ll have to change the enemies on the previous map’s end event from Rotbloods to Undead in that case.

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I checked on Friday. Who thought they work on the weekend.

I doubt this is a setup for introducing undead later,because thos map would have been the idealmap to do that in the first place. They could have even simply reskinned the rotbloods to be undead thrall rotbloods who act the same mechanically, but just look (and sound) differently. Like the snowy enemies in the last map. I wish they did it like that. Feels a bit silly to fight a necromancer, and not face a single undead while doing that…

Nevertheless, I’m seriously hyped for this map. FS’s Vermintide work so far is only getting better as time goes on (both maps and careers), and a wizard’s tower has so much potential for awesome shennanigans.

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I don’t think The Treacherous Adventure would be released for free if they were planning to release an undead faction.

This is just more speculation, but it seems to me that the Treacherous Adventure DLC has probably been planned for some time now. So maybe at one point, Fatshark was considering using it to introduce an undead chaos faction similar to how Winds of Magic introduced the Beastmen with Dark Omens, but my guess is that if an undead faction was being considered, it was cut due to staff being stretched thin during the production of Darktide.

That said, if there’s even the slightest chance Fatshark is considering a new enemy faction at some point, I hope they add some Chaos Undead.

It’d also be neat if some of their talented artists could create the other 3 non-Nurgle versions of the Chaos faction (Tzeentch, Khorne, and Slaanesh); just some cool new models for the chaos wastes for all the other Choas God’s curses and troops with some new specials.

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