Franz Lohner's Chronicle double meanings and codes?

Let me start this post by just saying that this is just for fun. I like spy movies and video games and I also have a guilty pleasure of hearing conspiracies :grin: (as you can tell by my profile picture, it’s actually a smile and not the moon)Do you guys think that FT is giving PR through little notes or double meanings in the chronicle entries? The first line of the recent entry “Well, that’s an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat any time soon.” feels like it has double meaning to me. FT obviously reads reddit and the forums. They know the topics that get the most views and replies. Is it possible that they are giving out bread crumbs of what they are thinking?

Everyone likes a good mystery :thinking: :nerd_face:

There’re two mentions of Genevieve I think.
From The Auric Bastion :

Would you believe she stopped by the keep a couple of days back, when the gang were out performing a bit of derring-do, and we had a good natter. She’s still the same. Dark sense of humour. Fleeting glances at my jugular, followed up by contrition. And never looking a day older, of course. Still, she sounded different. As if the world’s a bad joke she’s sick of hearing. Never thought I’d see it, if I’m honest, but it was nice to see her – even if I’m not allowed to tell anyone she was here.

and from The old Baron of Bluchendorf :

And there she was, standing framed against the trees, the Baron’s cloak wrapped tight about white dress, and a mocking finger pressed to bloody lips, urging me to silence.

Last sentence from ‘The Auric Bastion’ short story has a very important quote for me personally:

What with the Twin-Tailed Comet being back, I guess you could say I’m not exactly hopeful for what comes next.

I’m sure this means that the Twin-Tailed Comet, the Herald of the End Times, the symbol of returning of God-King and the Death of the Old World, will appear in the skies of Vermitide 2 again, as it was in Vermintide 1.

I carefully keep a small piece of information from a reliable source of what the Developers really think about bring the Comet back.

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The secret meaning of Chronicles is letting us know that studio is still alive since apparently, they are not able to give any info of the development process.

Franz Lohner’s Chronicle – The Night of Masks came out on Feb, 12, 2021.

“And it’s not as if it’s even the right point in the calendar to be celebrating the Night of Masks. But that’s the trouble with the Empire. We do like borrowing things from other realms and making them our own … but we’re not so clever with the details.”

Around that same time (Feb 9th) @SirKruber had created his Chaos Wastes Wheeeen post. Coincidence? This post has 51 replies with 1.1k views might I add.

The Auric Bastion I think 100% is giving us details of the upcoming expansion Chaos Wastes. Specifically some of the overarching story and possibly a location Kislev which makes sense because of what Total War is doing. And maybe some details on Kerillians new class.

From The Auric Bastion:

But it’s not all bad. Speaking of our resident pointy-eared reprobate, she seems to have given up stashing mysterious charms about the place. Or leastways, she’s hiding them better. I’ve stopped having those recurring dreams about the snakes. Been replaced by crows, for some reason, but I don’t mind that so much, even if some old hag’s cackling in the background the whole time. Sounds like a cross between my old mother and Olesya, and if that’s not a thought best left unexamined, I don’t know what is.

The Night of Masks sounds like a Warhammer equivalent for St. Valentine’s, which was Sunday, Feb 14th, so that dispels one mystery.

To my knowledge, Vermintide is written around the timeline of The End Times, essentially made to fit into the established narrative without perturbing it too much. The events of the first game took place in 2523 and there isn’t that much time left at that point before everything starts falling apart. Also, that’s about the same time as shenanigans involving the Auric Bastion were performed.


More like Carnival (6 to 16th of Feb), mask are a big thing at that time and the Night of Masks is supposedly from Tilea (Italy) and Sienna is the one that was the most involved with it

From the Chronicle is says it is an Esatlia tradition:

Nowadays that Estalian “Night of Masks” is in fashion with the youngsters of the local village

So that would make it influenced more by Spain than Italy

I don’t pretend to have a lot of knowledge on Warhammer lore, fantasy or 40k. But I think two things can be true at once. From the wiki entry of Nights of Mask is says:

The Night of Masks is an Estalian( holiday in which people don masks and costumes as they put aside their identities, reveling in freedom from social class. This goes on til midnight, at which point they take off said-masks, symbolising the revealing of one’s true self.

The release time was before Valentines day. In the article it makes reference to festag which from some quick research means Sunday so I can’t disagree that this is in reference to Valentines day. But I also (this is a conspiracy) think that it also references Chaos Wastes. If not in a direct release date than something with Chaos Wastes (even though I’m leaning towards winter release). After the entry of Night of Masks the next entry is The Auric Bastion. I don’t think that was a coincidence.

On the topic of The Auric Bastion we all know GW holds control of the Warhammer lore very close to their chest so we know what the story is already in the general sense but I think The Auric Bastion is giving us details of the Chaos Waste Expansion. Painting a picture of how they will move the Vermintide story along.

If nothing else they seem to be feeling generous about keri lore, we actually got her complete backstory in regards to the whole thing with the mage. And who knows, she might just get a career with closer ties to elven divinity.

We also got to know that Lohners goons are probably among the smartest goons anyone has ever seen.

I’m 100% on board with what the forums have said about Kerillian. I think @Adelion post and all the subsequent replies hit the nail on the head. IDK if it is coincidence but FT new post on twitter Warhammer Vermintide (@VermintideGame) / Twitter seems telling. Wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of Lohner. I think FT have been updating us this whole time but hiding it in plain sight…

I could always be wrong though…

As you may know, the new Be’lakor miniature will be shown on Monday. Also, he will be most likely as a Legendary Lord for TW3 too.

It would be great if we could meet Be’lakor himself in the Chaos Wastes! :blacklegion:

By the way, this would explain the delay in the release of the DLC, as well as the “secrecy” of the information. It is a pity that this is unlikely, after all, the scale of Vernintide is not so epic. But I had a thought about Be’lakor, just to notice.

I’m not sure but they can’t simply add Named Character in VT2

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