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Still no new ramblings from the Lo(h)ner in the Keep:

Olesya’s Dispatches - Erengrad, Kislev — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

However, we got some correspondence of Olesya. It is interesting as it gives some insight on her position and her alignment with Lohner.

There is also some notes about Skaven leaving Erengrad because they may be “drawn” towards something.


Next round of Olesya’ ramblings:

Olesya’s Dispatches - To Rutger Leichtenberg, Bretonnia — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Is this another round of Saltzpyre and Kruber discussing or is it a reference to Lohner’s chronicle from before? Also interesting that the Keep still seems to be reachable rather easy, even by some kind of undead envoy O.o

Would love to see Rutger’s answer. Also Olesya mentions the name of “de Mandelot” as it would carry some kind of weight/meaning?


I found it even weirder that she considers it an “impeccable pedigree”. I mean she probably refers to the illustrious ancestry, but I’m not sure how great a pedigree would be to have a noble that way down the line. Even if de Mandelot was Markus’s father, him being a bastard would be quite the cause to be shunned by the bretonnian nobility, and his rise to grailknighthood a cause for gossip.
In Markus’ words “the Kruber family line is more like a puddle”.

So becoming a Grail Knight, a Chosen of their one and only Goddess, is not a free pass to exaltation? Darn fussy French Brettonians.

Well, to be honest I don’t know. I went through the bretonnian codex some time ago, because some people mentioned 3 instances of peasants becoming grail knight.
That wasn’t true, those 3 times (the only ones in the entire history) they were made the most basic version of knight possible - still a huge deal for them. They didn’t last more than a few days each.
The normal route is quite long too: from the basic knighthood a bretonnian noble has to prove himself in the field doing something suitably heroic to become a knight of the realm. Then if they want to become questing knights they have to give up all their wordly possessions, including their castles. Very few of them end their often life-long quests becoming grail knights.

So I think Kruber’s case is quite unique. It’s the end times, and Bretonnia itself is in ruin, so I think they won’t be very fussy. But I think in normal times that would cause quite the uproar, perhaps even be ground for some kind of change in their society - either internal or external.

Sadly I still think that the worst part of Markus being a GK (I love the career) is that the provided history doesn’t really fit his family history, since in VT1 he mentions that his family hails from Talabecland. I suppose you might take that to mean his father’s side (the Krubers) and perhaps the Mandelot line is on his mother’s side?
This is probably just me trying to make sense of an oversight on FS’ part. But I suppose it makes sense.


I think the exception with Kruber lies in how he´s kinda accomplished feats that even bigwig knights cant joke about, like slaying chaos spawn left and right. And thats not even considering the killcount of normal enemies that he´s got.

Sir Knight can joke about a peasant with a pointy stick, but a pointy stick peasant that kills abyssal horrors the size of a small house on a weekly if not daily basis is a whole different matter :sweat_smile:

And there is the crux of the matter, good ol´ Kruber does have enough feats to write himself a book, which is more than can be said for some Bretty Knights that prided themselves on some random bigger than average beastman or Norscan raid - leader.

Chumps like those? He´ll chew em up like snacks between drinks.

Or well that´s how i´d see him get accepted by the Brettonians with a functional head, cant account for those too drunk or hung up on bloodlines. These do seem to be present in all realms of man.

Oh and on a different note, i do not know the specific time for things happening in the endtimes but i recall Lohner talking about that magic faith wall Gelt made but he also has some voiceline about the Black Grail popping up in Brettonia.

So i am not so sure we are following the cannon timeline exactly.

Lohner mentions King Louen being dead and the Green Knight unveiled as Giles

So, after rereading Olesya’s letter, I think I “misunderstood” her. Looking at different of her comments

“my cadaverous would-be suitor”
“no more poetry”
“Reluctantly yours”

it is clear that Rutger is making advances on Olesya AND that Olesya is not very fond of both Rutger himself and his advances. With this in mind - as well as Olesya’s general personality - I think that this whole paragraph

Would you believe we have a rather statuesque Grail Knight here at the keep? Occasionally, anyway. An incredibly attentive one with a penchant for elegant headgear, and an impeccable pedigree. He’s one of the de Mandelots, in fact - not that that would mean anything to the likes of you.

is just a form of Olesya spiting Rutger while willfully mocking Kruber. Because let’s be honest, incredibly attentive is not the word you would use for an often drunken person. His elegant headgear includes a fish on a string. And his impeccable pedigree is a mess also thanks to the partial corruption of some Bretonnian Noble. So Olesya might be using her resident Grail Knight just as a shield from Rutger’s advances like: “Look, I have a fabulous Grail Knight right at my door step so who needs you.” spiting him in the process as being inferior. And at the same time - without Rutger knowing though - she is mocking Kruber and basically all of Bretonnia like: “If someone like Kruber can become a Grail Knight then it is hardly something special.”

So yea, in retroperspective it seems more like Olesya being herself.

Would be hilarious if this provocation would lead to Rutger attacking or kidnapping Kruber as an introduction to the Undead :stuck_out_tongue:

Only point I am probably overthinking is “Occasionally, anyway.” Because I am not sure if she just means that he is on mission from time to time or if she means this whole tzeentchian career-swapping charade.


I took it as meaning the career-swapping charade.

I can see a second tutorial already “Oh not bloody again”

Speaking of Kruber, I made a little lore post, then I thought perhaps it would have been welcomed here?


Olesya’s Dispatches - To Magister Reiner Starke — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

And further to your last letter, it is not Sienna that concerns me greatly at the moment, rather her sister. You’ll recall the prior unpleasantness - although I don’t think there’s a need for immediate action. I wish to see how the situation unfolds…

Does this mean that Reiner Starke or even Olesya had some prior contact with Sofia? Also, something is happening in the north.

I’d say it’s just that her death (together with a witch hunter’s) must have made the news at the time.
Since I found out that “Something Rotten in Kilslev” is a title in the warhammer campaign of “Shadows over Bogenhafen” and “Empire in flames” I started hoping for a Kislevite mappack with that name. :smiley:
It would easily be fitting the timeline and the kind of slimy stuff our heroes get into on a daily basis.

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Interesting idea. Would fit with the note about Skaven fleeing Erengrad and the general tone of something sinister happening in the north.