Link Blessings and weapon setups

Use the Blessings of a weapon to define the attachments for example:

  • Speedload (Quickfire); Auto load a special ammo on quick switch to shotgun with 5-15% crit chance for 2 seconds every 10 seconds.
  • Full Bore; having a Full choke for reduced spread.
  • Scattershot; Sawnoff shotgun, Increased spread and movement speed.
  • Fire Frenzy; Dragons breath special ammo 1-3 burning stacks, adding crit chance to burning enemies.
  • Flechette; Special ammo Cleave/ Pierces more targets Applying Bleed stacks per crit.
  • Deathspitter; Firing an Armour piercing Slug Special Ammo.
  • Terrifying Barrage; Fires Explosive/ Concussive special ammo that staggers a larger area around the impact.
  • Hit & Run; Gun Melee Bash increases movement speed. Allows sprinting and shooting/ reloading.
  • No Respite; Executing marked enemies quickly reloads a a free shot, Suppressing nearby enemies.
  • Man Stopper; Give it a Box magazine with fewer Shots. 1/2 shots and 1/2 reload time, 2nd shot deals bonus damage.

These are karking solid suggestions!

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