Kickback blessings

Hi rejects!

I plan to change my fellow rumbler (adhesive charge + shattering impact) and GG (shattering impact + gloryhunter) to test the kickback.

The one I got in melk’s is a 379 with good perks, but my blessings are :

  • surgical (+x% crit the more you aim)

  • terrifying barrage

I am quite not convinced by those hence my question: which one would you change ? And with what?

change surgical. The kickback is a fast reload 1 shot Boomstick. Most of the time you are not even going to aim in and just make the enemy in front of you to switch into magic goo instantly.

Surgical to Blaze Away probably, slim pickings.

Strangely not listed on the site is Run’n’Gun but keep in mind that’s only for shooting not for reloading.

So run ´ gun or blaze away?

Honestly I’d go w/ blaze away 1st but you can try em both now and see which you prefer, the rest (other than Ter Bar) are all pretty meh imo; needs a ghost like the BRAutoguns have to make it shine.
Expansive may be OK if you shoot and switch a lot Edit: ONLY applies to special melee w kickback, T3 being only 4s though, and accounting for switch time and swing time it’s more like 3, but at least the number is high (60% for T3).

Full disclosure: I don’t use Kickback much, not a fan, so maybe get a more informed opinion.

Expansive is literally a case of too good to be true, it only applies to the Kickback special (which needs T3 to even hit a breakpoint on normal trash; 3-4 hits instead of 5-6 depending on horde target, amazing!). I got a dev to acknowledge that this blessing needs to cook more so hopefully they apply it to melee damage. Shovel/clubs and especially shield need a reliable way to juice melee power like the knives have with slaughterer.


Right you are, I even saw your bug report in passing but it didn’t register!
Thanks for pointing it out.
P.S. Shovels and Clubs can at least benefit from the reworked Raging Bull some for hordes; I still prefer Skullcrusher and Confident Strike when applicable.
Skullcrusher being a debuff is a great bump in team killing power.

Come to think of it, more ranged debuff blessings for some Ogryn weapons would fit the theme nicely, Terrifying Barrage is that already.

Surgical is terrible. It’s just not worth it for kickback. Dump it ASAP

Edit: Nothing is specifically worse than surgical, you can always wait on the off chance FS decides to add some Lawbringer or Ripper blessings to Kickback, but Surgical just doesn’t add a noticeable DPS or utility to this gun

You know what? I actually would be perfectly fine with it applying to kickback melee if Expansive T3 was enough of a power boost to 1-shot poxwalkers and groaners without an extra power boost on Damnation. But also why would i want it when it needs 3 targets hit to activate and the kickback already deletes chunks from hordes?

Run and gun could be good in some situations where you have to close a gap (for example to revive or reposition) and have to carve a way through a horde?

The issue with run n gun is reloading is automatic so as soon as you shoot you stop sprinting

Blaze Away is undoubtedly the best on paper but unfortunately spamming fire for a lot of consecutive shots isn’t really something you do a heap with kickback. Still it probably helps reach breakpoints on Bulwarks and Reapers and as with any power boost the extra cleave might help if you really want to pulverise a mixed horde with a few back to back shots.

Kickback blessings are generally pretty bad as has already been pointed out. It’s calling out for something like No Respite that actually synergises with what it does. Or a blessing that boosts reload speed in some way possibly with some condition (hit enemies with special attack = 5 seconds of X% increased reload speed or something like that?)


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Blaze away and full bore i guess? That weapon honest to god has some idiotic blessing design centered around that special attack that most will rarely if ever even use.
Maybe if expansive/Punishing fire lasted longer they might have some use.

Oh yeah I forgot about Full Bore good call. That’d for sure be the best blessing combo.

As mentionned in my OP, I have a « god roll » kickback BUT my blessings are surgical and terrifying barrage.

I get it, I need to change surgical, but fullbore or blaze away ? (As I can change only one) I would go with blaze away but as not used to this gun yet, can’t decide… (and yes I can see blessings for this gun are terrible at best…)

Well you can try both and see which you like best. Blaze away is best damage potential so probably focus that one.

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