Limited or limitless spawn on Fort?

Does anyone know if the spawns on the final event on Fort are limitless or if there’s a limit to them?

I know for example that you can kill your way through the pact-sworn on “Empire in Flames” when you load the cart and the spawning will end and I’m wondering if something similar might be possible on Legandary with Fort?

Instead of trying to get that ammunition while still fighting off hordes of enemies.

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In theory limited, but if you kill all the trash enemies or wait 2 minutes the next wave comes in, and thats how monks can stack up. But you can’t exhaust spawns. There might be a cap but i think it’s 100 enemies, so not rlly a viable strat.

Edit: just saw this, do you mean the ammo box before dropping into the fort?

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No I mean the cannon ball. I figure that it might be easier to simply kill every enemy spawned until there’s no new spawns and then go with the cannon ball.

EDITED: Went with a run to see if I could “out kill” all the Skaven in a Champion run on Fort. Ended with a kill count of 651 pact-sworn but they didn’t stop spawning. So I guess I’m back to Plan B. Make a dedicated Monk Killer sword for Sienna to kill every rat monk bastard I can close in on.

I so, very much, hate those Plague Monks.

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Yes you can’t exhaust spawns, you can however kill all the monks and kite the trash around for 2 minutes before the next monk wave comes.

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The monks on Fort never stop spawning. In fact, watch your back on the way out, I’ve caught a squad of them running out of the keep to chase us up the road.