Lights incredible

Not only is the change in scene awesome, but it seems yall have bumped up the Daemonhost spawn rate as well. Loving it.

Just had 4 Daemonhosts in a rank2 difficulty Assassination map, it was GLORIOUS!

Such a drastic change in gameplay, it’s great.


I love them as well.

I know people complain about them but tbh I really love the atmosphere it sets and how much it changes up the formula.

I do wish enemies’ shooting range/accuracy is reduced a bit, but it wasn’t impossible to deal with.

Power Supply Interruption is my favorite special condition. So much fun. Plus, it’s nice to finally have something other than infinite/less horde.

I haven’t seen a daemon placed somewhere we couldn’t walk past it yet. They all seem well placed.

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Yeah it’s great.

I wish more people with torch weapons would think about switching to them.

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I like Lights Out (and most of the other modifiers I’ve seen), but like basically every other aspect of this game, I hate the RNG side of it. It would also be nice if there was an incentive to run them, so people wouldn’t join and instantly leave when they see a modifier they don’t like.

Special conditions give bonus XP and money.

It’s awesome for atmosphere just like it was in V2. Sucks that so few weapons have torches though, makes the mod nearly unplayable beyond malice.

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Neither of which you need at level 30. :sweat_smile:

But, yes. You’re technically correct.

I have all 4 classes at level 30 and money is still an incentive for me.

After a certain point, you can’t do anything with the ordos except watch the number go up.

People already have over a million ordos. It’s not a good incentive.

I’m curious: Why? Outside of the recolour cosmetics, what can you do with more of it that you can’t do with however much you collected on the 1-30 grind?


Keep buying better weapons and stocking up weapon traits for crafting, and crafting itself might require money.

Fair enough. I don’t think it’s really necessary since you get all the cash you need for that by playing regular games, but it’s good that you’ve got a motivator.

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Enough is never enough. I want all the things.

Imagine if the modifiers gave a weapon, or crafting materials, or whatever the currecy Melk uses is called. Heck, they could even reward a small amount of aquilas. Anything wold be better.

I like to bring that gun.
Makes light before boom so I can see surprised faces.

I love it, i just wish Autopistol wasn’t so garbage since it has a flashlight

It really is incredible. I don’t care how salty and whiny this forum and reddit are, fatshark made the ultimate 40k game here.


Glad you like it! It’s gone now!

I need money. I’m still building my weapons collection… but I don’t think it does give any extra money. ?

I do think it should. ?

Also, Ogryn needs a dang flashlight.