Lights out is pretty fun

When you’re running a full team of vets with torches on their guns. Otherwise it kinda sucks.

We really need to be able to choose our weapons before dropping into in-progress missions.


the real question is like why there are no flashlights available. i can get very decent one in nearby store for 3 euro. i would think in 41st millennia these would be available too


Gotta agree, but all clases needs flashlights as stated above, it’s only fun for vets right now xD

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I dislike lights out bc: It’s forced on me via bad map system, One class is clearly the best at it, I can’t run a flashlight with the weapon I like, Ogryns don’t even have flashlights, it decreases enemy numbers.


Clear victims are Ogryn & Psyker.

Actually I like it.

But the Ogryn can reallly just try to look for faint eye blips of poxwalkers in the dark & navigate by sound like a bat.

And the psyker has to fire his flame staff constantly & annoy his team
OR run a gun with a light and get the vets angry.

Lights out is certainly fun. Especially when panic swiping in the dark thinking someone is behind you.

More fun when you hit the barrel and a team mate goes into orbit, luckily it’s so dark everyone is sus with eachother “WHO DUNN THAT”


I like it too - with any class but Ogryn.

With vet: inf lasgun mg xii
With preacher: inf autogun mk I
With psyker: shredder autopistol


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We do all have torches, the basic one is just terrible. They could double the luminosity of that and not really diminish the usefulness of the full-strength torch that a lot of the guns have.

If someone gets angry about you running something a little different, it says more about their skill than yours.

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Or just use the trauma staff like a searchlight. shrug

I don’t really mind lights out, even on ogryn. Is it my favorite? Eh, not really, but I’d rather see the mode itself get some adjustment over just forcing people to run a weapon with a flashlight. Current rough idea I had for it is having melee hits charge your light, (slap in some arbitrary “Kinetic charger” sci fi nonsense) increasing the radius and also making more sense with the point of closer combat in general.

I just let the Emperor’s light guide me.


That’s an interesting idea. I’d be keen to try it out and see how it works.

Personally, I don’t mind being forced to run a torch weapon, though I mostly play vet so I suppose it’s easier for me to do that.

The mode definitely has a problem with the way joining a run works - Not being able to pick your loadout for the map/mod you’re loading into is a real fun sucker. It sucks, because I personally like the idea of customising my kit to match the mission at hand.

I do really like the atmosphere of a full team of ranged torch users, and the playstyle it pushes you into is far more tactical and methodical than usual, which is nice for an occasional change of pace.


the 3 euro torch i have is stronger than the body suit ones players have in DT, i think its even stronger than vet ones on weapon. body torches from DT, these are for 1 euro. real life tested.

I’ve recently was taking part in night hunt in forest (real life activity, not a computet game). and i conquer bunch of ppl running with torches is great… and the weak body suit totches are horribly dim (bough bunch of them…)… only the strong handheld ones can nicely light up the place.

TL;DR: the DT equipment is rly low end

I don’t think the basic torch’s performance against real-world torches is all that important, personally.

It’s definitely a design choice to have it be as dim as it is. I suspect that it’s at least partially meant to emphasise the usefulness of the optional gun-mounted torches (which it does), though as I mentioned, I think they could make the basic torch brighter without really impacting that too much.

What do you call lasgun with a torch?



I like running purge in the dark. The flames just look cool.

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Not playing on the weekend, tired of light out (including fog trash) since it’s up ALL WEEKENDS non stop for about 9 months in a row :upside_down_face:


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