Ogryn needs a lightsource

This would be less of an issue if we were allowed to put on attachments to weapons, but in any case Ogryn needs any way of getting a light.

Maybe a melee lightsource? Like a big 'old skull-cracking flashlight or glow stick? Maybe throw a couple of floodlights on the shield?


I think much like the Daemonhost someone on the dev team really likes Lights Out the way it is and they’re not going to change it. If they were interested in feedback it wouldn’t have been thrown in toward the end of open beta and then put on live. Clearly they didn’t think it out very well because of the lack of things like flares or optional flashlights to bring with us.

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I mean, we would have had that if weapon customization worked like they said it would in the promo interviews and whatnot. But you know, Ogryn with a flashlight is a very political, sensitive topic that belongs in a game like COD, and we can’t have that. Don’t worry, the dev team is on top of things and they know what’s good for you.


Yeah I love being the main frontline Ogryn who also cannot see a single thing. It really ensures that I can continue to fill my team role. I also like to use the shield during lights out, as it gives me even more vision.

I hate being overly sarcastic on text based forum posts but it’s unbelievably bad on Ogryn, much less with a shield.

I wonder if someone will mention that we should rely on teammate’s with gun flashlights to get through these missions. It would be hilarious considering how the Ogryn can’t be in front now (blocking the flashlights) and it limits ranged weapon selections to those that were designed with flashlight attachments only. Staffs? Shotguns? Ogryn ranged weapons? Any map area that isn’t linear/a hallway? Ugh.

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Rumbler grenades make light.

It seems like such a tell that something got removed in terms of weapon customization when ogryns end up without a light source.

Its either that, or a massive oversight.

Also, feels bad when every level thats on a difficulty you wanna play ends up having a lights out modifier and you really dont wanna use a lasgun, or dont have a good one on the character you wanna play.

Guess you just roll the dice and hope there is someone with a lasgun in the group.

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Plenty of good enough autoguns with a torch too.

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Ah yeah, i forgot about those.

Gonna be honest with you here, after testing most of them on malice and found them to be somewhat anemic when it comes to damage, ammo capacity and handling, i never really touched them again and kinda just forgot about them.

I tend to default to bolter, shotgun, or any kind of lasgun with infernus on it for my ranged choice.

Shamelessly tagging my post from a couple weeks ago that got zero traction


The hazard text says to bring a torch, yet there are no torches… I mean… Why doesn’t ogryn get a torch bully club? Would make a lot of sense.

Either simply turn the club into a torch on these missions or just add a torch melee weapon. Would be nice having a melee weapon that can add dot dmg like set stuff on fire.

There are good autoguns that excel at malice.
Ammo mags are a bit small. Headhunter models are crap as they are now.

But Columnus on a zealot is a fun thing to play with for example.

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Ill try it out if i can find one with a good roll on it.

Any recommendations for heresy and above?

Not really, heresy is dependent on teamwork, people pulling their weight before all from what I’ve seen.
Also having a minimal equipment eases things a lot along with someone to manage hordes so if you are the only one for that flamethrower is always a relief.

Dunno what to say really.

A ‘fun’ thing I got as is as a reward :

ps : actually this one is not great to use at all besides the fun perks and bonuses ; the columnus mk II braced is fun.

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Have a literal medieval torch duct taped to the Mk VI Ripper.

To turn it on, weapon special has a guardsmen magically appear to light it for you.


I still feel like being able to swap your gun’s special button would be the best option

They should add flares like DRG and buff the flashlight you have on your torso.

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I also like Lights Out. I do think it should pay more, as should all the ‘increased difficulty’ modifiers. More money would be an excuse, and even if you have all your weapons, your hat in another color is going to cost.

But Most certainly +1 to some kind of Ogryn light. Maybe a miner’s hat? That is only there for this mission so I don’t get blinded by Ogryn all the time, and he can pick up when he spawns?

I have to say, with the dark map modifier, every character needs a proper flaslight. Its very nice to finally have some real flaslights in a game, like the ones on some weapons. But we need them for every charater avilable at any time. That maybe sounds a bit lame, but if you play with specific wepons, becaue you like them, you should not be punished for that. In Space hulk deathwing, you could even change the color of your flashlight a bit, wich was actuially cool, not a big thing, but cool.

I like the mechanic that if you want some light you have to pick certain weapons. The Ogryn lacking such an option however is a big miss step thar can easily be fixed. A flare box is a good option (it lights up where it lands) or melee tool like a lightpost head. Yes it’s essentially a mace with light on top. Swinging it around make the light move around the ogryn too. If It looks dumb and fun? Perfect