Give the ogryn a gun with a torch

If power outage missions are gonna be common, then the big man’s gonna need something to see by. As a suggestion, take the bayonet off a ripper gun and fix a light there, put a big slap button on top of the gun so they can use it. Since ogryns need to have melee on all their guns and the light toggle is replacing the special action, then we can take the extra handle off for the battery and instead of bracing for rapid fire on the right mouse button the big man can simply lash out with his free hand, backhanding and punching anything getting too close.

Gives the ogryn a light, fights the character type, and doesn’t detract from the other ripper guns since it won’t have sustained fire or the stab’s armor penetration, what say ya?


Are Ogryns supposed to have darkvision in Warhammer lore? That would be interesting touch.


Give Ogryn a Floodlight, that it can switch by using special action while holding Box or something.

Or give everyone Floodlight that can be activeable with a separate button.

And make gun Flash light either Laser pointers or bayonets

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I agree. Ditch the gunlight all together. Its a dead idea from the time when weapons had attachments. That would have been an infinitely cooler system than stock builr RNG garbage we have now. But i digress. We need all characters to have headlamps in dark mode. End of story.

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I think so too yeh. Sounds right that you would sacrifice you weapon attachment for a torch to do the dark missions as a kind of balance thing.

The feeling of shining a torch down a dark hallway is pretty cool though not sure if it should be dumped all together.

Extra idea- maybe we could have flares available that replace your grenades for that mission. They work the same way as grenades and can be thrown etc burn for XX mins somthing like that. Might be cool.


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Flares for a Blitz or as something else ?like being able to ping enemies and make them take more Weakpoint damage ? Or just another slot that let you throw a light flare

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Love lights out but everyone needs a light option.
Put lights on the front of the slab shield :smiley:

Just for light but having it ping specialist or elites is also a cool idea