Get rid of power supply interruption already

It was a nice idea. It’s challenging, but not fun.

At least increase rewards so that it’s worthwhile, and remove it from the quickplay queue. It requires preparation. Make it a weekly challenge or something.

Sick of dropping into games not knowing we are doomed to failure because no one has a god damn light.

Please do not remove one of the few interesting aspects to the map design. Look I get it, dark scary but even without a flashlight you really just need to take it slow and be careful while looking out for the passive lighting from enemies.

Having a flare equipment or just giving characters more flashlights but it already barely shows up as it is.


That’s really my only issue with it, light sources aren’t that well implemented

Ogryn doesn’t even get one

They shall add a weapon light for Ogryn soon, or get rid of that modifier

I don’t like the daemons every 3 rooms, especially with decent numbers of materials they’re always dropping daemons next to boxes like ‘heh I dare you kid’. Almost worth running thunder hammer.

IMO problems with this modifier:

  1. Most weapons don’t come with a flashlight
  2. Enemies still “see” things just fine, it’s more of a handicap than a modifier (hi-intensity and hounds have their uses)
  3. “survival horror” aspect isn’t in the main game so not everyone wants it.

For now, Fatshark, how about adding a “no modifier” option for “Quickplay” so I don’t have to bump into other ppl’s game just to quit right after loading, it hurts other ppl’s expierence as well as mine.
(I believe I could have caused 2 wipes or near-wipe on damnation so far)

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I seriously don’t have the problems everyone else is complaining about. Sure you can’t see very far but all of the enemies have glowing eyes.

Its one of the coolest modes in the game, it feels like how darktide should always have been played sometimes. Though i prefer hi-int in normal light. I do not even bring a flashlight weapon usually.

Not all, I’m sure brutes and scab berserkers don’t glow and I remember in one of the games my teammate got downed instantly by a berserker because nobody saw it coming.
I don’t think ogryn bulwarks glow either but I might be wrong.

Yeah there must be ppl like it or Fatshark would have changed it already (like hunting ground).
So IMO the best option is to have a filter in quickplay, so I don’t have to potentially ruin other ppl’s game.

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It really does feel like a handicap. There’s two broad ways to increase difficulty/challenge. Increasing enemy potency, and decreasing player potency. The latter is rarely ever preferable under any circumstances in game design.

Yeah, my biggest gripe is dropping into one not knowing what I had signed up for. It’s a challenge I would like to face in a premade group, not a PUG. And certainly not without any warning.