Level 30 Talents for Sharpshooter don't give resets and don't mark

Issue Description:
When you reach level 30 as sharpshooter regardless of which talent you choose they all are bugged, for this I’m going to talk about the one I use which marks all Scab shooters are priority targets. sometimes for this talent some shooters don’t get marked even though you are looking at them and know they are behind a wall or in front of you, but what is worse is that the part of the talent that resets the duration of your class ability doesn’t actually work. there is so many times where I blow up 3 or more priority targets like gunners, gernaders, and maulers with and without headshots yet my ability never lasts for longer than the 5 seconds even though it’s meant to give me more time to shoot with bonus damage and zoom.

the only way to reproduce this issue is to play games of Sharpshooter at level 30 and keep track of enemy location and how long your buff is up. some enemies never get marked and the ability never lasts for longer than 5 seconds even though it is the entire reason it’s a max-level talent.


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Reproduction Rate:
often to reproduce since the timer never goes up and some enemies are marked and others aren’t is never consistent

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