Lets talk about Sir Melks Contract economy



Well, okay, I’m not complaining about total disrespect of player time, or ridicilous claims of “player agency” or even really touching the horrible cesspit of game developements worst moments that is the itemization, so maybe this is a positive note:

The new contracts Sir Melks offers are actually better than they used to be. I heard reports that rerolling can net you the same ones, or very similar, or whatever, please adjust that too.

HOWEVER. The new contracts, or actually the old ones, might need a bit of looking over in terms of time played/rewards gained. Following is screenshots of me doing Veteran penances, playing with PUGS, the difficulties were Malice-Heresy-Malice-Malice. Screenshots are from missions 2-4.

As can be seen, the second most valuable mission got completed first, and the most valuable by far the second, on my third mission. I might be bold enough to suggest that this is supposed to be balanced around difficulties below malice with less resource drop, so that can be sort of understood. In any case, I would strongly recommend buffing the actually more time consuming contracts to the same levels or above of Melk Shop Currency than the new collection contracts.

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Can we also talk about how you seem to get less currency on average from a week’s contracts compared to before they overhauled them? Who decided getting potentially less than 1 items worth of currency for a week’s worth of contracts is sensible?

So now Melk’s shop actually has pretty good stuff regularly but we are currency starved for no goddamn reason. It’s extremely demotivating, everything about the Melk store and weeklies just sucks, FFS it’s not hard to fix.

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I mean you might get less but completing a full contract lane can be down in an afternoon instead of a week and many contract can be completed in one or two games. So I would say that most people end up gaining more than before by having the time to complete them. But I agree that people going mono caracter of having really a lot of time to play will run short (and some daily missions could be a nice add).

But I really like the current state of melk missions.

Agreed, dreg/scab kills need rebalancing IMO in their current state, the effort vs. reward is way off compared to others. As such, I tend to usually reroll them off - well, try to, at least.

As for rerolling for exactly same, but already rejected contracts (well not technically, since they roll with a new price tag, heh, thanks Melk), see thread: