Less excited for WoM now

Weaves are made to be played without bots… i play almost exclusively solo with bots as the PS4 community, myself included, is mostly either elitist or terrible. This was a HORRIBLE design choice as there are ALOT of solo players out there who enjoy playing with bots. At least let us CHOOSE to turn them on or off jeez…i don’t give a rat’s rear about the leader boards but i was looking forward to Weaves that i could play solo at my own pace (timer permitting) and not have to speed run like the leader board junkies. Now it seems i either have to play solo or speed run basically. This killed WoM for me almost entirely…i am paying full DLC price for weapons and talents alone…wonderful.


Yeah that’s kinda sad :confused:
I feel like they should put bots if you play off-leaderboard (tho there are quite a few things they could change about weaves, like separating ranked and for fun weaves, by adding a non-leaderboard quickplay randomized type of weave)

You just proved his point …


Keep in mind, Weaves are meant to be a challenge. And there are leader boards for solo clears, duo, tri and quad.

Taking bots in would upset the balance and everyone would be trying to find the best Bot builds. Also, it would be extremely grindy for you as a player. Please keep in mind, Weave gear is separate from the normal base game gear. You need to level all new gear. Do you really want to spend that kind of time leveling up gear for all your bots? It would essentially be like playing solo anyway until the bots are fully kitted out. On current Legend, bots normally die in the first engagement. They need a serious buff to deal with the new tactics.

Now, the point of these weaves is that there is no end, they keep going until they become impossible to clear. That doesn’t change because you play solo. Get in there, try and get the farthest you can before it becomes impossible. Get that #1 spot on the leader board :wink:


its not just on ps4, however, you will find a person who has a similar playstyle to you --especially at higher difficulties i find that there are less “solo” players who just sprint ahead to get rekt by a specials. keep trying to find them or look for a community of ps4 players who you can friend. There are collaborative weaves so team play makes sense and there are specials so unless you are pretty good you are going to get wiped while your bots fumble over themselves

Is there a downvote button? You can’t magically make your friends interested in the game.


You can go Lone Wolf and do Weaves on your own, I have completed up to Weave 5 without bots or other players, although it goes a bit mental at Weave 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I’m a PS4 native and doing PC WoM beta testing during the open beta.

While I agree bot play is fun, there is a certain extent the bots will be useful in the weaves. Right now, bots in general die pretty fast in cata since they don’t understand the stagger mechanic, and weaves can go 2-3 steps above cata. Solo/duo/trio play has been long wanted on console platforms and weaves allow us to do that.

HOWEVER, I don’t disagree your point that because our playerbase is so small and matchmaking can get so scarce, a bot toggle option would be great for those who want “team weave” experience but are excluded from the team leaderboards (could be a possible solution).

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A fair point smoker…I guess I can give the community another try lol. Sorry for being dramatic yall I’ll try to get some friends togeather. I’ll prolly still get the exp for throwing axes and such because bardin.

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Youre the only one injecting toxicity here, the person who made this post is understandably dissatisfied that the main way they consume this game is rendered null and void for WoM.


Yes ignoring that there is new faction thats gonna be in normal missions to, and raging ABOUT ONE thing from expansion. Well whinning wont help

I’ll have to say the weaves are the one thing they’ve been streaming a lot of recently and banging on about how cool they are and it is also the “end game content” so I think it’s ok to express your disappointment.

Having said that, the new faction are quite cool and the new enemies do definitely change the dynamics of the gameplay.

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Really, how so. Is the new bannerman special in the beta? How about the minotaur?

And yeah…the weaves is kinda the “Meat and potatos” of the dlc

Not seen a minotaur.

The new bannermen are quite good, they buff the beastmen by planting a banner and it’s guarded by a wargor. The buff is quite tough and you can get 3 or 4 of the banners at a time.

The Bestigor is like the beastmen version of a mauler, but they have this cool charge that sends you flying if you gt hit. Not so much fun if you get a patrol full of these guys though.

The Ungor archers are more of an annoyance though. Still makes you change the way you play.

Bots seem to get rekt on legend anyway, so who cares if bots are added to weaves, they’d likely get rekt in there too. If anything bots need a buff in their combat ability to remain useful on the higher difficulties. As for those worried about bots messing up the leaderboards, it’s a PvE oriented game, so put the doritos and mtn dew down, this isnt a bloody esports game. I don’t think many people will take the leaderboards too seriously, plus highly skilled players will outdo bots any day of the week, even if said bots get buffed a bit for weaves and legend/cata.

Welp, I’m not a huge people person either, but I got around it by having a V2 catergory on my Steam friends full of people whose games I join or they drop in mine and just play. Not sure what the limits of consoles are though. Knowing I can join decent/capable peoples games really made the game more fun for me. Bots tend to become annoying on higher difficulty and you get limited to certain builds you can play.

Surely you can concede that the hardest challenge mode isn’t likely to be completed with bots anyway. Just watch some of the beta streams and you can see how difficult it is. Bots will just cause you to wipe 9/10 games.

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Vermintide is VERY CLEARLY marketed as a challenging CO-OP game.
Buying it and expecting it to be something completely different is on you.
Demanding the developers to pour resources into features that are meant for a completely different group of people that the game is originally designed for is… silly.

Enabling bots in weaves isn’t as easy as just flipping a switch.
Bots would need weave gear otherwise they are completely useless in the game mode so that alone would turn it into a giant grind and you would have to do a lot of farming with bots being dead or useless anyway.
On top of that, bots and their behavior would have to be HEAVILY redesigned to account for all the different weave mechanics.

According to you the main reason you play solo is because other people suck or have different mentality.
And yet… there are hundreds of people having a blast together. There are Discords and Steam groups made specifically for people to find others with the same mentality and playstyle/timezone/whatever.
99% of my Steam friendlist comes from Vermintide 1 and 2.
You have no excuse whatsoever.