Legend reward feedback (Vaults)

Want to start by appreciating FatShark. You guys put a lot of effort into Vermintide 2 and even more to keep patches coming in. Thank you and I’m excited for the future.

the tl;dr mode:
Vaults should give less items, more deeds. At 600, new items don’t add to game experience. More challenges do.
Legend deed rewards should guarantee red/cosmetics/keep changes. Reward skill, not luck.

story mode:
My normal group of friends and I consider champion goofing off. Lots of joking, and really dumb moves but we’re at a point where we don’t lose. Grims and tomes are habit grabs no thought at all. Which makes Legend what we do to have a struggle. And its glorious fun. Lots of tense moments, people pulling clutch saves, amazing teamwork and cooperation. Its difficult, no room for errors and it feels so good coming out on top.

The reward is not fun. The bars going up to the fancier vaults don’t get us excited. Its more fun to be the one that renald’s gift does the least for, rather than getting an emperor’s vault. After hundred runs with a pretty good distribution of all the vaults, the only thing we’ve gotten from them is scrap made of different colors. We’ve hit item level 300, nothing that comes out of the boxes is new or worth using. As a team, we’ve only gotten three legend deeds. Which we completed and got more colored scrap.

When we first got into legend, there was excitement for the vaults. Because we thought that reds and cosmetics would rain down as praise for our skill. Except the reds they’ve gotten have been from peasant vaults and champion general/emperors. From our experience the observed chance to get reds is higher doing champion, than legend. Which doesn’t feel right, and probably isn’t right. Just what it looks like. We’ve played so much and gotten so many materials that we rolled our oranges into red equivalents. It would be nice to have the cool illusion but we’ve played past reds adding to our gameplay.

We want more than scrap as a reward for taking on legend. Not to say we don’t enjoy the challenge of it, but the sense of accomplishment from completing the level gets neutered by the pointless flashes of lights we sit through just to get to the next map. The disappointment of three generic items from an emperors vault makes us wish to skip it all together and just go into another map, riding on the ‘we are so pro’ high. Its now more exciting to get the legend deeds, but they are almost as rare as the reds. The extra challenge is ridiculous, frustrating, but fun. Its a same that the extra challenge only gives more scrap. Would be nice to get a reward based on our skill as a team, not a dice roll. Especially on this highest difficulty made even harder.

Thanks for reading

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