Legend QP win rate 1.6 vs 2.0

OK, says runs in the pic.

Well I’m glad to say that I’ve finally finished both Helmgart and Bogenhafen Cata achivements (still working on BtU) so I can go chill to Legend for a while. It is possible that alot of people did the same thing. Cata runs can be quite frustrating and tiresome if you didn’t manage to form a capable team/don’t have a premade. But going back from Cata to Legend it seems like a joke now. I’m not saying that “Legend is easy LOL” but the difficulty gap is massive. There should be something in between imo.

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Because it’s generic calculator, not V2 specific. You put in drop chance, it counts how many single runs for example dungeon runs it would take to guarantee a drop as much as it is possible.

Ye, the lack of reward sucks really bad atm. I mean we didn’t even get weapon skins for the new weapons (and they are in the game files). They could at least make quick armor reskins for WoM and Catas. It would be cheap but it would be something…

Tribulations difficulty.

They’ve even got DLC skins from VT1 unused. Saltzpyres Tilean Red Leather Coat, Sienna Wyrmscale Robes etc. Bardins Eyepatch from the ORIGINAL game launch trailer still not in?

There’s no point putting them in now if you’ve got to complete Legend runs for the skins as no-one in QP can make it to the end anyhow!


Yea, but that is not what I’m talking about.

If you have decent team and everyone is bullying the crap out of everything then sure, but I’m saying that u can’t kite even few rats with high mobility class and that is just broken in my eyes, it creates more disbalances and I strongly dislike it.

Otherwise, I can steamroll Cata too, including runs with beastmen. But that is diffirent topic.


You don’t need reds. All you need are oranges with fairly good rolls. Bots thrive on block cost reduction, 1-handed/dual weapons and are more than decent at survivng with shields. They also snipe specials just fine. So you choose proper support/defensive talents (Merc Kruber with sword and Mace or even chopping stick, didn’t try 1h sword or sword and board yet, but it may work, IB Bardin with axe and shield, unchained with heal on explosion are absolutely the best, but even Saltz Bounty Hunter can hold his own with rapier or axe + f too).
The issue is, while they deal with chaos/rat horde fairly well, they fail miserably vs. beastmen in tight situations if left without support - hence the “no risk factors” requirement.

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I have next to zero issues while duo queuing but I must say solo queuing QP (be it with characters I hardly ever play) can be kinda tough.
I think after two weeks getting used to the changes and mechanics the difference in difficulty dimished greatly though I can’t deny it’s there.

Also there are still far more legend games than cata ones though. I don’t think the new difficulty is leeching legend players that much while also having almost no problems filling up cata lobby as well.

I don’t think I believe this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, for these reasons I upload some runs :smile:

This is with 2 randoms at like 11pm, Snyx just testing different class and still it’s pretty solid steamroll from my perspective.

If we did full pre-made with tested builds it would be just running forward and trashing everything.


In 1.6 I could do true solo Legend, currently I still know how to deal with 2.0 Legend and Cataclysm… but I can’t carry people no more.

I don’t want to seem arrogant, but qp players can’t handle Legend. Win rate is so low, players don’t want take grims, players die continuously… and when we win, they are exalted as if we had won a Cataclysm full books run.

There are some unfair things that must be fixed both in Legend both in Cata (for example bugged sound, enemies that spawn on your back, unpredictable attacks, Beastmen that overshadow Skaven/Chaos, inexistent tHP)… but while I can accept about premade needed in Cataclysm (even if I would like to have some possibility also in qp, because not everybody have a group), Legend should let expert players to farm.
No farm = No progressione = Dead game


I would like to note that QP legend is tolerable if the host does not own the DLC, thus no beastmen spawn. 50% of my party wipes is typically from beastmen, the other half being silent everything spawning on top of the group.

Did a legend QP pick up run last night, beastmen were in it and they were all silent. We kept getting backstabbed by cows from seemingly out of nowhere after we cleared a hallway or room. The phrase is “Tiny Silent Cat Feet” Fatshark…not Silent Hooves.


I think I was part of that group?

I have been playing with players that I play with routinely. Who all are compentent DWONS players, and had finished all the DWONS maps. Cata is a steamroll. Cata FoW was mainly learning the new waves and when you needed to kite to prevent the next wave spawning for timing reasons. The changes have had almost no impact on me, and in some cases have made the game easier.

The experience last night made me think I might lose my casual friends entirely. The whole thing was stressful for them, and that was with me killing 650-900 targets, between 30-50 specials a map. . . and remember this was legend. So the rest of the team was maybe killing what I was killing. . . and our clear rate was ~50%. It was a dumpster fire, and I’m confident they wont play without me now.

Its a “take away” for them. In their eyes they had legend “on farm” in QP without me, and now we cant consistently do it together. Its literally like a 50% price drop on something you just purchased and you cant get a refund. It has to feel terrible to them.


You right.

That right there is probably 80% of the people I play with now, including myself. I say play with, I actually mean… used to play with because everyone has bailed out in disgust.

What if people were right at their skill ceiling in Legend 1.6 and no matter what couldn’t get any better because they simply didn’t have the time or the skill to adjust their game and improve to doing Legend+Deeds 1.6? You can’t GitGud if you’re already the best you’re going to be.

Let’s all just shove off back to Champion and let the grown ups talk? It’s insulting and completely devalues any time already invested in the game - not to mention destroys any inclination to even play it.


Git gud scrub lol GG EZ MLG420 NO RE.

Sorry. It was an open goal. I had to take the shot :wink:


Well I don’t know what else to say to this other than the quote you’re replying to :smile: The changes are massive. As I mentioned in previous post, now it’s close to impossible to kite 5+ slave rats while before one could kite 50 of them.

Was it too easy? Well it sure wasn’t “too” easy, since people were still getting rekt in Legend a lot … a lot…

I agreed that it needed nerfing for sure, but not this hard.

I still think that main issue are the insane guided running attacks and screwed up slotting system/hyperdensity. If those two got fixed than maybe the other tweaks would be fine.

I’m bit confused here, are you saying that you are surprised or what do you mean ?


I think this is a very good point.

Most people won’t be able to “do better/gitgud” at some point. Which is a reason why the weave system is so dumb. People just steamroll easy stuff while being pissed about the grind and then they drop it completely because they will hit the wall.

And the lower the player skill the shorter the whole weave experience.

I don’t understand how developer can be so blind to not see this.

And of course the same goes for general difficulties like Legend. If Legend should be where most of the average long term players are, than it can’t be out of reach for most players in QP.


I am so mad at myself for not recording the game, but as a BH I kited the minotaur and horde with 3 banners at the finale of Omens while being the only one alive (granted it was only a champion QP). Kited for like 5 mins and managed to rez everyone and win the map. Brought a tear to my eye when the randos praised salts in chat lol.

It makes Okri Challenges to get skins/armours/legend skins for DLC weapons a waste of effort too as people are going to just lobby-hop even more hoping to join something near the end and get the skins. Locking content to a difficulty that has rendered lots of players suddenly rubbish at the game is going to make getting that content EVEN MORE infuriating.

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