Legend QP win rate 1.6 vs 2.0

I would like to see Fatsharks Data sample for win rates.

I normally dont play QP, but over the past few days I have. It’s been. . . different.

Perhaps its the teams that I’ve been getting, but it basically feels like a true solo experience. The surprising thing, is the happiness of the people after wins, “I’ve never finished that map CRAZY”.

I played with some RL friends tonight, they were 1.6 Legend Marginal. They could play it, and werent much of a liability. They could defend themselves. Tonight, no way dumpster fire. These are people with like 20-30 reds. There is no chance they clear legend now unless carried.

Regardless, the win rates have to be tragically low. I think all the good players have moved to Cataclysm or are playing with preorganized.

Legend QP appears to be a big big mess right now.


Even if they’d release that info, there would be people defending that it’s how it should be.


Thats sadly so true. Now all of the people that could easily solo carry in legend moved on to cata. Well the others ones remain.

I only play legend if i wanna try out new or different off meta builds. But this becomes far harder then a coordinated group of good people in cata (discord).


This is the result of the fundamental change to the game brought about by the entire design of the game being focused on a handful of elite players struggling to complete CATA. This was the design philosophy outlines in a Blog Post - if the hard core players struggle, that’s where FS are going to begin the design process.

I’m probably one of those guys. No true solo for me, and a win rate of probably 60-70% in Legend at 1.6. I could hold my own but was never good enough to simply cruise through a level unless I used some cheese build that was just not fun to play. If I hadn’t had too much booze I could possibly solo a Rat Ogre, Stormfiend or Troll but the Spawn usually nommed me to death. I’m not one of the people targeted by the design philosophy of 2.0.x

So Now;

Legend in QP is not welcoming at all to anyone looking at moving from Champion upwards. IN fact, it’s bloody horrible for those of us who could play it at 1.6. Champion is just as much of a bucket-of-pigswill with all kinds of horrific things happening. Level 7’s joining, people with weapon power < 250, people lobby hopping to hope to complete at least something, players getting downed 18 or 19 times(I sh*t you not) during a run and absolutely no incentive to have “another go”.

QP has always been this way to some degree though, but the hellish experience of doing Legend QP in the vain hope of getting a red is something lots of players are baulking at. Can you imagine being just about ready to go from Champion to Legend and get a much better chance of getting Reds only to have the game patched and stamp you into the floor? I’m glad I got my Reds before 2.0 because there’s no hope of new players getting the reds they need when the win rate, coupled with the drop rate is infinitesimally small.

There are many discussions in this forum about people saying “The complaints about the game aren’t that it’s too difficult, but that it’s just not fun.”

These are usually from the Elite who WERE the target of the new vision, and as such are having a better time in the brave new world and more power to them. You are the target of the whole thing, so I’m glad at least someone is having a blast.

For the other 98%, the game is too brutally hard with little reward, too unforgiving, too downright buggy and nasty for the massive majority of players.


Because it’s much much harder than it was. And if someone says it is not, than those players are ignorant or just being as-holes.

Cata QP is relatively dead already, so that doesn’t really seem to be the case. (People moving there)


Those who can move to CATA, I suspect have already got strong pre-made groups and are playing in those anyhow. It’s a matter of time before someone rocks up and says to… get good?!


Yea, but I’m up for some QP here and there.

But on Tuesday evening (EU) I spend 20 minutes trying to get the QP group going for Cata… and I couldn’t do it. So I just send invites to friends, otherwise I would never fill it.

So I don’t think that most Legend QP “guys” moved to Cata.


For me, beastmen are in 90% responsible for difficulty increase. The other 10% is having to time dodges better and use push and block a bit more. Actually it’s easier to kill chaos warriors now than ever. But once beastmen roll in, it’s a wipe or struggle. Yeah, in good conditions (2 players + 2 properly configured bots, everyone alive, no v. tight quarters, no boss, no banner boi, no darkness) you can dispatch them without issues. Once risk factors start showing up it’s going downhill fast b


Never really had a problem finding Cata QP groups, the problem however is that somebody usually leaves the very instant he gets downed/killed. So you have this constant stream of people joining and leaving your match which is super useless and frustrating. But eventually you form a capable group you can run with, if you are lucky…


How do you get properly configured bots if you can’t complete Legend to get Reds to configure your bots and you haven’t got a regular crew to run with? Reroll Orange Weapons until the end of time to maybe get something close to max stats?

Also, QP was incentivised to stop people running the same maps to get the rewards. Now QP is punishing it’s better to do a custom map with fewer open areas to get horde-surrounded, Host without owning WoM and at least finish something. So QP bonus is just another thing that has been nullified or downright broken by the patch 2.0.x as QP is just so… horrible.


I used to have pre-made groups with whom I would play. A lot of them aren’t playing V2 anymore and those who do bought WoM, which I refuse. They are doing Cata. The Legend chatrooms on the Discord channels are basically empty.

This leaves me doing Legend QP and there’s a high failure rate due to several reasons:

  • People need to get used to technicalities of the combat overhaul
  • People are running off on their own which you can’t do anymore
  • Overtuned event triggers such as Fort Brachensache and Convocation

For casual QP I dropped down to Champion and I’d say that’s on par with how easy vanilla Legend QP used to be. Probably less elites/specials. It’s fun for a round of two when I want to chill, but a bit boring tbh.

I guess I will have to bite the bullet and do more Legend QP as the players will adjust and mature. (Myself included)


With 4% drop on emperor chests you’d need around 38 chests to guarantee a red.

AND complete the bloody run with full books. With RNG There are NO guarantees. Could go fifty chests without getting one, or 2 chests and get one.


Not really.

I would just point out, for example, to how you can’t really kite anything nowadays, unless you’re ccing it hard or juking constantly. That is some strong difficulty step up.


yy Join-Die-Leaving is classic.

I did not have issue last week with QP, but this week it seems like interest in QP Cata is going down significantly.

This is a universal problem across all difficulties though - lack of potential reward makes people leave runs in particular and the game in general. It’s amplified in CATA I presume as there’s no extra reward for the extra difficulty.


This is as close as guarantee as you can get with chances


I don’t know. I’ve had a couple of Cata runs where the RNG spawned only a few beastmen during the entire run and it was super easy to finish. Also I find maps like Skittergate and Into the Nest way easiter and with higher win rate than other maps.


113 runs and only getting a single red would really really suck. That’s something like 36 hours play time :stuck_out_tongue:

Beastmen ARE a lot harder, but I can’t properly judge whether that’s because they’re actually harder by design, or the fact that an ungor can spear you up two flights of stairs, and you can get headbutted in the back of the head by a silent ninja-gor is actually the problem.


Rolls. 3 rolls per chest.