Legend bugs and crashing during mission

Although I’ve seen similar of this posted for PC, I have not found a definitive answer for Xbox One X. Two days ago I got the DLC with Grail Knight and tried to play over the weekend. First attempt lost connection to the servers. How is this possible I was playing solo and not relying on anyone else’s connection. Then attempted to play a private mission with another player, my character froze up and same error, lost connection to the server. Third time, was finally able to complete a mission. Out of 10 times, lost connect six times and was unable to complete map.

Started feeling brave after two in a row, moved up to legend. For every elite that spawned, there were two of the same. So if there were one rattlin gunner, one or two seconds behind that another, if it spawned with any other elite, say gas rat, assassin or hook rat, then there are two of each of those spawning a second or two apart. I know the difficulty is harder, but this continues on even through monsters. I’ve played this game a lot, nowhere near as much as the other player I was with, and it was near impossible to complete any maps, especially with books. We have played legend many times over several months ago, but can’t even get 50% through without crashing or getting swarmed by elites as if they were skaven/ infantry.

Is this a known problem on Xbox One X or are we just the lucky ones? I was just trying to play on righteous stand right now on legend, made it to the gate, and the stupid game froze up and kicked me out. Are there any way of collecting logs off of the Xbox? I’d be glad to provide them if I knew how. I have a 100/10 mbps internet connection and have QoS set for my Xbox connection. I don’t believe there are any connection issues interfering with the connection on my end. Is there a recommended connection minimum I don’t know about after the past updates?


Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations for you at this time, but I have raised this with our Console Developers.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks! I and those I play with on here try to support Fat Shark because we like the product. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure something out.

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