Constant Disconnects

Not sure if this has been posted before. Looked around but couldn’t find on forum.

Boyfriend and I have been playing this game for about two days now and we thoroughly enjoy it. One major issue we have though is that 90% of the time we are unable to complete a mission. When we are almost done with a mission, the game decides to lose connection from the host, crash or freeze. Almost every time. Always near the end. I’ve been the host, and so has he but it doesn’t matter. Oh, and if we try and use commands it’ll crash. Every time as well. It’s a good game but this is seriously ruining it for us. We don’t get boxes, experience, or anything else because we get cut short. It’s almost as if it’s better to play 1/3 of a mission and just die to get even at least get some experience than nothing at all. But what kind of game is that? We’ve looked online and it seems that many people have this issue and that there’s absolutely no solution on our end. We’ve tried reinstalling the game, we’ve reset our router. We don’t have troubles with any other games and we play a good amount every day. There’s also an option of doing deeds, but can’t even try those because what’s the point? We can’t rely on the game to let us finish it. Is this something that’s going to be fixed soon, hopefully? @FatsharkJulia @fatshark_sebgra @Fatshark_DarkkaneX @Fatshark_Exno

I would recommend both you and your partner enable the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel.

I’m sorry I should have mentioned that I’m playing on Xbox. I can’t seem to find that option in my settings or in game.

My apologies, I see now you’ve mentioned crashing when using commands. This is a known issue affecting some of our Xbox players and will be resolved soon.

A patch is being pushed out soon which will address our most widely reported issues, so you should see an improvement with that.

Cool. I saw you guys did an update today which is awesome. I’m getting a “broken connection” message now tho. Last night we were able to complete a few good runs which was great… and yeah we stay away from any commands.

Oh no, are you still seeing these “broken connection” errors?

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